#FighterWeek Races

#FighterWeek Races

#FighterWeek Races

Some Fighter racial moves i did already write and  completly forgot about yesterday

Half-Orc: When you roll a 10+ on Hack&Slash and you choose to deal extra Damage, deal an additional +1d4 damage

Warforged: You signature weapon is imbedded into your arm and loses 2 weight.

To disarm you, someone would have to dis-arm you.

Silurian: The warrior caste was breed to endure every battle. Take +4 Hitpoints

Kobold : When you Defy Danger by running away or fakeing weakness,, take+1 forward to the roll

And here are some by Jonathan Reiter

Oni: When you slay a living being, you may ask the GM who will grieve their death.

Statue: You can turn other animated statues as per The Cleric’s Turn Undead. Roll plus Charisma.

Tengu: You can shapeshift as per The Druid’s Shapeshifter. Roll plus Dex, and you can only become canines or birds.

Hobgoblin: Add the hold option to your Defend move, “Deal damage equal to damage received ” Whenever you take damage while Defending, it ignores armor. 

Minotaur: When you sacrifice something living to Baphomet, gain a Quest to slay someone that has sleighted you. Take two boons and a vow from The Paladin’s Quest list.

Pixie: You have a horse Companion. It is fast and calm and it is trained to travel and scout. Choose one of the weaknesses from The Ranger’s Animal Instinct list. You cannot use Command unless you can find a way to communicate with them as an equal.

Kobold: Add “Poisoned” to your options for Signature Weapon enhancements. Poisoned: Signature weapon constantly has poison applied to it. Choose one among The Thief’s Poisoner choices. Poison cannot otherwise be applied to your signature weapon.

Clockwork: You can draw on a place of power to create a magical effect on yourself. The GM will choose from The Wizard’s Ritual list to give you conditions.