#FighterWeek Why is your fighter THE fighter? Community brainstorming!

#FighterWeek Why is your fighter THE fighter? Community brainstorming!

#FighterWeek Why is your fighter THE fighter? Community brainstorming!

You are the illegitimate son of the king, raised by peasants but always good and noble. An old crown told you the truth about your lineage on your 16th birthday and handed you the old family sword. Now you have to go and overthrow your brother how is evil and cruel. You are a natural fighter but you also have a bunch of luck.

You are the result of biomagic experiments of your government, huge and bulky, maybe not even human anymore. No one can match your pure strengths.

You are the best pupil of master FiSchu – ending the training 2 years early. A Mozart with the blade, chips progidy. Now you travel the land, learning new styles.

You are an amazon. A fierce fighter and the first ambassador to the outside world. Your fighting style something that’s as never seen on the mainland. Diana’s aegis protects you wherever you go and Ares has blessed your weapon.

You did it, you freed your people from slavery from the dark elves. You organised the riots, you lead the guerrillas. Most of your siblings died in battle but you overcame their twisted magic and learned to use the tools given to you as weapons. The giant pick axe is still with you, able to crack any stone and skull. You are out there, fighting the good fight for everyone that is oppressed, be it monsters, mages or slavers.

You are

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  1. You are the physical manifestation of your blade’s spirit. Born into this world of strife, you carry the weapon that made you, seeking for the one, true warrior who is worthy of its power. On your quest, you join groups of adventurers, hoping to find him (or her) in heroic, furious battle.

  2. My Fighter is the son of the Lion, raised by his mother in this mortal realm, a warlord amongst men.  And as everyone knows, “there are no pacts between lions and men”. (Iliad 22.260)

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