Hi all

Hi all

Hi all,

The french speaking Google+ #DungeonWorld   Community has embarked in a perilous journey: translating Grim Portents #1!

You know how them frenchies are, they always take actions like:

change things for better or worse

better things with age (oh no, that’s for beer and wine, not #RPG )

Add nice layouts.

Thus, we would like to have the authorization of the prestigious authors of Grim Portents #1 to make these changes we feel right.

So we now weave the powerful invocation spell of Adam Koebel Mike Riverso Kasper Brohus Marshall Miller Parker Hicks Jeremy Strandberg At the Table Games Kingston Cassidy David Guyll Matthew Gagan Chris Bennett 

and I would be most grateful to anyone who can tell us how to contact those who doesn’t seem to have a (easily identifiable) Goolge+ account:

-Johnstone Metzger

-Giovanni Lanza

-John Ryan

-Scott Velez

-Jeremy Friesan

-Alexander Davis

-Bill White

Thank you!

12 thoughts on “Hi all”

  1. I am the John Ryan of which you speak – and I’m happy for you to switch things up! I would like a copy – je suis un etudiant de francais, et je voudrais lire mes oeuvres en francais.

  2. Oh, great! How can we find this Jeremy Friesen now… Wait! We just did! 😉

    And are you OK with us modifying your work to suit better the french version of DW?

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