11 thoughts on “So I has a dumb. As the GM I award Experience for:”

  1. On a 6-, the players do that on their own.

    Resolving Bonds is between the two players.

    The GM asks the group the three questions and they are discussed and agreed upon as a group. I suppose the GM could veto the group’s decision, though I doubt that’d be necessary.

    Some moves grant XP. 

    I don’t recall the rules saying anywhere that the GM awards XP. 

  2. I might as well ask this question here. Do you reward XP at the end of the session (1 for each of these objectives fulfilled) or do you reward it on the spot every time it occurs?

  3. I save the end of session for awarding XP for resolved bonds, alignment, and end of session questions. For 6- misses, I tell the players to mark XP on the spot. For moves that give XP, I would have players mark that on the spot as well.

  4. Good points all around, as I under stand it now:

    Anytime Experience

    -roll 6 under

    -alignment fulfillment

    -fulfilling the requirement of a xp giving move

    end of session

    -resolved bonds (vote?)

    – a yes answer to one or more of  the big three

    Wait should I be going with session and/or experence?  Is that just a preconceived notion I’m carrying from other games?

  5. I’m glad I asked the internet first, instead of stopping play to chew it out.

    So Mk3 Experience Note:

    Anytime Experience

    – roll 6 under

    – XP Granting Move (if fulfilled)

    Run End Of Session… at end of session.

    – Passed Alignment Goal

    – Resolved Bond (Group Vote?)

    – Big 3 Questions (Be SURE TO INCLUDE ALL THREE IN GAME)

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