6 thoughts on “Tonight is our 11th (near) weekly session.”

  1. That’s how I play it, but it still seems a little off that traps are useless (intrinsically, speaking, anyway), once the Thief takes that move.

  2. This just tells them there’s a trap there, or what it does, or what triggers it. It doesn’t disable it for them. They still have to make that move and succeed.

  3. On a 6- the easiest GM move would be to say ‘You’ve found the trap and the panel that activates it, however not before you’ve placed you foot on that very panel. Moving your weight off of your foot will surely activate the trap.’ This may force a Tricks of the Trade or perhaps the party comes up with another solution.

    Alternatively, try using narrative objects to push the other players from getting ahead of the thief before he can search for traps. Perhaps there are gnolls at the end of the hall with their backs turned and the fighter HATES gnolls. Maybe time is a factor and the players are jogging through the dungeon.

    You might also have TOO many traps. If your traps are few and far between the Thief might think twice (or not think at all) before rolling a Trap Expert due to the risk of failure. 

  4. It’s also a justification to put even more traps in the game and allow the Thief to be cool. Make interlocking traps – just finding one isn’t enough.

    Also disabling and understanding the trap is often cooler then just triggering it. And the thief still needs to do the move.

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