Hey everyone, this is totally last minute, but I’m seeking a few more players for a Hangout DW game (going for a…

Hey everyone, this is totally last minute, but I’m seeking a few more players for a Hangout DW game (going for a…

Hey everyone, this is totally last minute, but I’m seeking a few more players for a Hangout DW game (going for a one-shot, but if it turns into anything more, awesome!)

So far, I know I have Tom Miskey and brian meredith interested.

I’m looking for 1-2 more players to join.

This is my first time running DW live via Hangout. I’ve been running a DW PbP game for the past month, and I’m actually using the setting from that game for this adventure:

The World of En:


I’d ideally like to try and start in the next half hour or so.

I apologize it’s so last minute — if tonight doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely try again for tomorrow evening.

Sooo…. who’s interested? 😀

Tom Miskey brian meredith — What playbooks do you guys want to play?


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  1. It’s totally up to you. This can be the “alternate” version of Fergus and Beulah 🙂

    Also, just so everyone knows: I’m not limiting playbooks. Core or player-generated can fly in this game.

  2. Thank you again for playing, guys – this session wouldn’t have happened without you! 😀

    We’ll continue this when everyone can get on again.

    From Griffins and Eagle Lords to Skeletons, Hill Giants, Crocodilians, and Assassin Vines… the crowd continues to cheer the adventurers on as they make their way through the Grand Vizier’s tournament, hoping to come out on top and win for gold, glory, rare, and magical treasures, and an opportunity for something even greater…

    It’s been a lot of fun so far. Hope you guys felt the same!

  3. Really great game tonight, Misha did an awesome job as DM, and the fight scenes were epic!  My 1st level character killed a Hill Giant in 1 hit!  I waited until he’d raised a boulder over his head to throw it, and then I struck from behind, crippled both of his legs, and the rock came down on his head when he collapsed.

  4. I think it went really well. It’s definitely a learning process when GMing the first time around, but for the most part things went smoothly and the characters were incredibly creative in everything they did:  The Elf Initiate using a Griffin as a hang glider, the crippling of the Hill Giant’s legs, oh man, epic.

    The Ogre Gladiator fought Assassin Vines while trying to swim out of a whirlpool sucking him into a drain at the bottom of a lake… The Human Cleric nearly poked a Griffin’s eye out with his staff and faced undead Skeletons for the first time in his life after being split from the party.

    Yeah, all in all, this had definitely been a fun, combat-oriented adventure so far. The characters all ended up falling through the hole in the ground after the whirlpool sucked all the water in and are all together at the bottom of a cave where they suddenly hear something…

    … and that’s where they’ll pick up again. 🙂

    And Tom Miskey thank you. I’m glad you had fun!

  5. Thanks Brian. And you know, all those misses provided some awesome fiction to go along with it (and you DID manage to tie those two Assassin Vines together – that was some awesome quick thinking!)

    Anyway, I know I said I’d try and run another game tonight; but I just spent 7 hours in an awesome Hangout session for most of the day today, and I probably need a little break from the computer heh.

    Would you guys be down for a session tomorrow night instead? I know I’ll have much more energy (physically and creatively) to run something tomorrow; but If no one is available tomorrow and only available today, I’ll GM… I feel bad for saying I’d be up to run something tonight and not having the energy to run a session effectively.

  6. Matt Smith Actually, I’m now trying to run tonight’s session tomorrow instead. So if you’re available tomorrow around 7/7:30 EDT, I’d be looking to start around then.

  7. Tom Miskey Awesome to hear! We may start a half hour earlier (7:30 EDT  so 4:30 your time), but if you can only make it at 8, that’s OK. We probably won’t get going with the adventure until then anyway.

    Also, we’ve got Giovanni Lanza and Paul Vogt joining us (and James Savko might not be there), so we may end up playing a different adventure than the magical Ziggurat of Doom!

    Otherwise, if all three of you guys (brian meredith Tom Miskey James Savko ) are able to make it, we can bring the two new PCs into the adventure very easily.

    Does that sound good?

  8. That’s fine. Like I said, it usually takes a half hour to get things going anyway. If you’d like Tom Miskey you can declare what playbook you’ll play (if we’ll end up doing a separate adventure) and create your character (minus bonds) prior to tomorrow so you can jump in, figure out your bonds, and we can all get into the story faster.

  9. Just in case anyone is doing bonds early…I’ll be playing an evil Human Wizard who prefers to be called Lord Vitus.

    BTW, he’s not really evil, he’s just super selfish and really likes scaring “mundanes”. OK, I guess he is evil.

  10. Giovanni Lanza Awesome. Looking forward to having By-Tor in the game!

    James Savko — are you able to join tonight’s game? If so, we’ll continue where we left off; otherwise, I’ll come up with something new for these guys.

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