Hello to all you 1643 Members of the community. 

I thought we could have a bit of fun and get creative next week. 

Let’s get together and create stuff about the mainstay of fantasy. The Fighter. Let’s share items, stories and mechanical ideas. Let’s prepare to Hack Goblins and Slash Dragons. 

Let’s lift some gates and bend some bars.

At least i will try to post something every day.  

If you need some inspiration or structure to it i would propose the following structure 

Monday – introduction, brainstorming (why are you THE fighter, signature weapon options etc.) 

Tuesday – (magic) items and weapons 

Wednesday – bonds, alignments, drives, origins, races 

Friday – comp classes and new moves 

Saturday – new monsters (special kind of fighters, blademasters etc.) 

Sunday – what is left, class hacks, etc

What do you think? Do you want to participate? Is the structure okay or can we go without? 

I am exited for #FighterWeek  

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