So, a question about Back Stab. From the rulebook:

So, a question about Back Stab. From the rulebook:

So, a question about Back Stab. From the rulebook:

When you attack a surprised or defenseless enemy with a melee

weapon, you can choose to deal your damage or roll+DEX. ✴On a

10+ choose two. ✴On a 7–9 choose one.

•  You don’t get into melee with them

•  You deal your damage+1d6

•  You create an advantage, +1 forward to you or an ally acting on it

•  Reduce their armor by 1 until they repair it


It says you can choose to deal damage or roll. That sounds like you might not end up dealing damage if you roll. Only on one of these options does it say you deal damage. If you roll a 7-9, is it assumed you deal your damage? Or do you have to choose option #2 to deal damage? Thanks!

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  1. First choice is “Deal my damage and move on” or “Choose from the list”

    If you choose option 2, you deal your damage plus an additional d6.

    “Deal your damage” means “roll your damage die and reduce your enemy’s HP by that much, minus their armor”

    Dealing your damage is rolling.

  2. My reading is that you can do automatic damage no roll OR choose two (on 10+) or one (on 7-9). If you don’t choose that option, you don’t do damage. For instance, you could roll a 10+ and simply choose to not get into melee and take a chunk out of their armor.

  3. I think it’s just my brain trying to unlearn 30 years of RPGs where the mosters have to wait their turn. I looked at the options and was like “why would you ever NOT choose to do damage?”. SO the other options seemed weird. But when I got back into the DW mode of thought, where the fiction is the driver, then it makes perfect sense and I love the choice. Specially when you realize that if you go with easy option #2 (Deal damage), now you’re gonna get walluped right back and be caught up in melee. SO the choice isn’t nearly as obvious. Love this game!

  4. Mike Beacom that’s usually the thing.  You get one cheap shot for free, but if you don’t kill your target, you’re exposed to all kinds of retribution.  Take a risk, though, and you might get away with it.

  5. So if you don’t kill the thing – is the GM likely to follow up with some sort of move that could require defy danger? Since you are in Melee with them now?

  6. Well, if you’re in melee, the most obvious GM move would be to deal damage or throw you or grab you or pull the rug out from under you, etc.

  7. Adam Koebel

    I say in surprise, “Uh oh!” Then I crap myself a little and curl into a ball, protecting my head while shouting for the fighter to “Get your butt over here and fix this, the thing did NOT die like it was supposed to!”.

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