6 thoughts on “Best character death I have had in a LONG time!”

  1. If you know about Ptolus, my warlock had made a deal with one of the elder demons who are trapped in the planet. Some chaos had been occurring in the city due to my patron. When the marshal of the city wanted us to take care of the issue I said he could give me a patent of nobility and I would talk my patron into delaying for a few centuries. He said he would shoot me. I made my move that allows me to call upon my patron for Otherworldy Assistance saying if he shot me the demon would destroy the city immediately. An 11 on the roll and dying quite brutally. One demonic apocalypse on rush order. 

  2. This was the most wild and out of control game of Dungeon World I have run yet. It looks to be getting even more interesting as we go on from here!

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