21 thoughts on “The Dungeoneer”

  1. Looks pretty cool so far. I did notice a couple of your moves could use some spelled out miss effects. The first that caught my attention was Dungeon Crawl. On a miss does the Dungeoneer just not make it though the danger? Do they make it through but the GM picks the lost item for them?

    The character does give me the impression of the spelunker unlike other traditional dungeon crawling classes of the past. I definitely want to play this class.

  2. Dungeon Crawl only happens if you are already rolling defy danger, so a miss is the normal miss result for that roll. This move just gives you a better 7+ result. Does that make sense?

    In general though, I try not to include miss results unless I really can’t help myself. I feel like that’s part of the GM’s job.

  3. I think the Greed is Good move should give you a set number of HP, perhaps double CON bonus, rather than a roll. It’s an advanced move that has a chance of giving you one single HP. Having a set known amount woudl make it more attractive to players, IMHO.

    Other than that looks great!

  4. Hm, that’s a point. I’ll have to think about that. It’s also highly dependent on how many treasures the GM introduces, of course, which I’m also trying to account for.

  5. Niiiice! Although I’m a little surprised that the dungeoneer isn’t very good at multiclassing: seems like a jack of all trades role would fit well.

  6. Ben Wray I considered it, but the low-level moves selection on this class is way too good already; if somebody just has to multiclass before level 6 they really need to just step up and hack the game themselves.

    Also: not a jack of all trades! It’s a caver, an engineer, and a robber of magical tombs.

    What’s the Factotum?

  7. It’s from 3.5, the “Dungeonscape” handbook specifically, and basically the “jack of all trades” class. It’s pretty fun! And probably why I naturally associated “dungeon-focused” with “jack of all trades”, honestly.

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