The Red Door or how a hippie got lost in the labyrinth after sharing a bowl with an old lady, lost all his stuff…

The Red Door or how a hippie got lost in the labyrinth after sharing a bowl with an old lady, lost all his stuff…

The Red Door or how a hippie got lost in the labyrinth after sharing a bowl with an old lady, lost all his stuff except for the strength of a Fighter, and failed to save a child the second time around after creating a morale dilemma for a group of explorers trying to save the world or how the Paladin finally grew some stones to reduce the amount of murdering in pursuit of saving the world

I love to read actual play reports, especially clever ones. Prepare yourself this will not be one of the clever ones. A really nice group of guys in h-town have graciously let me join their dungeon world campaign. I immediately create “interesting situations” for the group that reaches a head in the second session. Like I said a really gracious group of guys. We play in a business conference room – the best environment for gaming made on earth – including a mini-fridge stocked with beer. That last bit was just to brag. Considering some of the places that I haves played is a noisy pub, a cafe express, one time in the UK in someone’s attic that you had to climb a ladder to get to the worlds smallest table – the conference room is awesome. It appears to be a granite topped one.

I play Jon – the cleric of St. Stephen of the Apocalypse. This is the St. Stephen of the grateful dead type of St. Stephen. He has in his starting equipment halfling leaf, strange hair, and flowing robes of a multicolor hue nuff said. Jason, our GM has an awesome cc for me, if I can ever build a shrine (right now my equipment list is two broken pieces of a staff, the strength of our Fighter, and the clothes on his back, oh and a rock from an island floating in the astral plane). The class is based on the lyrics from the song.

I love this game.

My favorite quote from the game “we need to reexamine our mission statement”

My favorite bond “Thaddeus stood with me against Rath after he pushed a small child into the silvery astral void where he will likely become taken by githyanki pirates unless we can somehow summon him back at the place of power that is a obsidian obelisk that quite simply the Paladin said I don’t even have to check this one its evil in the middle of a labyrinth of the Rose Maiden somewhere on the astral plane”

If Jon was a monster his impulse might be – survive the labyrinth with this crew who saved his life – maybe save the world so his god can tell him with the end of time will come and he can go to the garden. Some of his moves might be:

– fail miserably at nearly all his tasks – thereby catching up in level with others but creating a lot of interesting situations (I got double digit xp last night from failed rolls)

– lose all his stuff (my cloak was used to contain the spores from a trap, my stole traded to an ultra powerful witch lady who gave us tea to send us to a maze on the astral plane to find the true name if a demon inscribed on the tomb of the blind hero)

– wander off into other worlds to save children from fairy tales (yet another witch this one with big claws)

– avoid tall obsidian obelisks of obviously evil overtones

– watch a thief and a wizard steal black orbs stuck in the foreheads of yet another set of ladies popping out of black holes (why would i ever try that – that is asking for trouble)

– fail miserably at die rolls (again)

– share a bowl with the ultra powerful witch – stay on her good side – but don’t eat the stew

– dive in the astral void to fail to save the little boy Casper

– follow the divine guidance from my god to get us yet into another interesting situation with a witch that uses a d12 for damage (she packs a punch!)

– watch the wizard push the little boy into the void – engage in a debate of whether this act is “evil” or neutral since we have mission to do, and saving little boys in astral plane is not the job description

– relieve the paladin of some dubious moral guilt finally by standing up to the wizard to hold him accountable for his actions. Watch the irony of a paladin dedicated to a god of freedom for the oppressed cast hold person

– get clear of any fireballs

– take the essence of strength from the fighter to help hold the wizard to his end of the bargain to get the boy back from the astral void

– fail so bad at rolls that my “god is distant in this place” take -3 forward to spell casting

– wonder why the pocket demon in an amulet that the wizard has is starting to give him shoulder rubs of approval

– find a public house where I can get a drink while the fighter teaches the yokels to be nice to tourists

– finally realize that the thief is not a good and trust worthy person that I trust.

Much fun can’t wait till next session