First time DW GM (GM’g Pathfinder currently and finding it less and less fun due to the story getting lost in so…

First time DW GM (GM’g Pathfinder currently and finding it less and less fun due to the story getting lost in so…

First time DW GM (GM’g Pathfinder currently and finding it less and less fun due to the story getting lost in so many rules) is looking for players for tomorrow,  Sunday at 6PM PDT (GMT+7) West Coast USA. 

Tomorrow’s game will likely be 3 hours or so and will allow if to run the “first session’ and perhaps a little more. I like the idea of the PC’s in line awaiting entry into Ptolus at one of the city gates. You happen to be next to each other. Of course, I am open to suggestions. 

4 players would be awesome. Thanks!

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  1. I’m creating a Dwarven Cleric.  I assume we are starting at 1st level?  This will be my 1st time playing Dungeon World, but I have about 32 years of experience playing a wide variety of RPGs and I’ve read over the rules.

  2. So far we have Tom Miskey Misha Polonsky  & Giovanni Lanza and we have room for one more. We have tom playing a Dwarven Cleric. Do you others have an idea of what PC you think you would like to play?

  3. Is it OK if we stick with the core character classes from the book for our first session or two? I love Barbarians but maybe later?

  4. I think I’ll go with an Elf or Human Ranger or Thief. I’ll check back after work today in case either of those two are taken; then I’ll just take the other. GM Rondor Do you want us to have characters fully done by the time we start playing? The only thing we’d really have to figure out as a group are bonds.

  5. I’m willing to play with 3 players + GM, but maybe 1 more will show up.  This thread is a bit down the page now so I don’t know if anyone will see this before game time.

  6. I’m willing to play with 3 players + the GM as well. I’m asking a few others I see online; maybe one of them will want to join in.

    Anyway, I just got home from work, so I’ll decide in a sec what I’m playing and I’ll let you know.

  7. OK guys. I have a conflict of interest tonight I was totally unaware of. It involves my 15 year old and homework that is due tomorrow. Really sorry but I have to postpone. I can pick it up one night this week at the same time if you like. Just chime in here in the days that work and we will do it. I have actually a nice set up leading us into Ptolus. 

  8. Ah, that’s OK. Totally understandable. Real life trumps games. My two days off this week are Tuesday and Wednesday, unfortunately. I know the middle of the week usually doesn’t work for most people. But Friday night may work (same timish). Actually, any day can work for me if we stick to the same time. Thursday and Friday I may not be home until 10 PM EST, but if anything I’ll let you know.

    I’m just about done with Fox the Human Thief as well! 🙂

  9. Tuesday definitely doesn’t work for me this week, but I could probably swing any other day.  Normally our Pathfinder game would be Thurs or Fri, but it’s cancelled this week, so even one of those days would be ok.

    Any other GMs looking for a pre-assembled party of adventurers ready and rarin’ ta go tonight, by any chance?

  10. I’d be up to GM at some point in the future, but I have more PbP GMing experience rather than live play; I wanted to try out a few more Hangout games as a player before trying to GM.

  11. Ah, cool. I don’t really have a live group to play with here, so I mostly stick to PbP on a site I run. I’ve only played in one Hangout game a few weeks ago that Aaron Mehlhaff ran.

  12. I live in a fairly small city myself, it can be very hard if not impossible to find someone willing to play more indie games like DW or Fate Core, so I know what you mean.  That’s why I bought the webcam, all the great Hangout games of Fate and other stuff I saw being played and I wanted to try it.

  13. Tom Miskey Yeah, Hangout or PbP seems to be the way to go for * World games I’ve noticed; though I’ve heard of people finding live groups to play too. Fate is a game I haven’t played at all yet, but I’ve heard excellent things about and really want to try it out. Giovanni Lanza Cool – well if not Tuesday this week, does Wednesday work for everyone? Of course, it’s up to GM Rondor as well, but that would be the most ideal day for me. 

  14. Misha Polonsky   Do you have the new Fate Core from the Kickstarter?  That’s the best way to get Fate now.  The system has been improved from older versions.

    And yes, Wednesday should work for me.

  15. Yeah, it’s over, but the final versions of Fate Core and FAE were released the other day, and they will be free to the public (on a “pay whatever you’d like even $0” set-up). 

  16. Just checking for tomorrow evening. So far I think we have Misha Polonsky and Giovanni Lanza. Tom Miskey are you still on for tomorrow? 

  17. Giovanni Lanza Oh no, not at all. I posted it specifically so you all COULD use it. I find it a very useful format. Most of the PCs in the PbP games I run use it too.

    For the record, I didn’t come up with the original format. I’m not 100% who did, but Richard Robertson shared it with me.

  18. There’s another dice roller I’ve used besides Roll20 that worked really well: I believe it was DiceStream. 

    Also, are we still trying to find one more player to join us? I forgot to ask about that earlier today – woops!

  19. Yeah, we can do it next time though.  I failed so many rolls I’m going to be close to leveling up with end of session and Bond XP!  LOL. Great job everyone, that was my 1st Hangout game and 1st game of DW, and it was a blast.

  20. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if we were finishing up the session next time and starting the next one or if this was the end of the first session.

    Tom Miskey I know what you mean about the misses — Fox is halfway to leveling (and I haven’t counted bond or alignment XP in yet)!

    Awesome session everyone – I definitely can’t wait for the next game.

    GM Rondor Thank you again for getting this together and GMing – you did a really good job!

  21. Also, in retrospect, can we say Fox steals at least SOME of those valuable Octopi-monster eggs to count as a “memorable treasure” and sell them in Ptolus? 🙂 🙂 😀

  22. Hi Guys! I had fun with my first game of DW! Thanks very much! I was thinking we could finish up the where we left off next time. Now you have a roughed up but stable prisoner (he hasnt ID’d himself yet. If you recall is semi-conscious at best. Ptolus is only 50 miles or so down the coast. Misha Polonsky Since you are still in the ornate Octopi chamber you can do what you like when you guys leave. 

    My email is [email protected] if we want to pick up convo’s like this there it might be easier. I look forward to next game and will try and get that time/date solid today or tomorrow. Not sure for me but is tomorrow free?

  23. I felt a little lost not knowing the rules as well as I should but I am sure that will be better pretty quick. Thanks for everyone’s patience and help as we went along. I will get us set up in roll20…I might even use my hardcore amazing maps but I will make them grid-less…maybe…for DW. 

  24. No worries, Giovanni. We all have life to handle. We will get this planned for sure. Meanwhile to all…if you havent set up your free roll20 account please do so. I have a mentor account so we can make use of whatever cool stuff we want.

  25. GM Rondor No worries – like I said, you did a great job. It seems live play (or at least Hangout) *with DW is fairly new to all of us.

    If not tomorrow, I’m available Saturday and Sunday evening too esp. if we start a little earlier – 7 or 8 EST?). And I’ll definitely be available Mon-Wed.

    We’ll figure it out for sure. 

    And I have my roll20 account all set up.

  26. Weekends are good for me, I’m free from about 11 AM till 8 or 9 PM PST.  Weekdays I’m usually free from about 5 PM till 8 or 9 PM PST.  I have a face to face Pathfinder game 1 day a week, usually either Thursday or Friday, depending upon our group’s schedules, so that day I won’t be available.

  27. What do you guys think about continuing this Saturday evening? I only get off work at like 6:30 PM EST (might try and leave at 6ish), so I can get on no earlier than 7 PM EST, but I’m totally free from then on!

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