Ever wanted to be “that Guy” at your table?

Ever wanted to be “that Guy” at your table?

Ever wanted to be “that Guy” at your table? Ever wanted to play the bungling albatross that gets all the laughs? Well, now you can, and still be effective! Maybe…

Originally shared by Adrian Thoen

The Fool is a Playbook designed for use with Dungeon World and Inverse World. As The Fool, you will stumble from mishap to calamity to disaster, failing forward and unwittingly leaving destruction in your wake. If you ever wanted to play a bungling buffoon and leave your party in stitches – figurative and literal, The Fool is your chance!.

Starting Moves

Fool’s Fortune

When you gain Calamity, fill on an empty box on one of the below options.  (If all boxes are full, you lose the Calamity) When an option has all the boxes filled, you may empty all of the boxes for that option to use it once.

Choose 1 less or 1 more from the list of choices on any Fool move

⃞⃞Give +1 to someone else’s roll.

⃞⃞⃞⃞Shift the result of any roll, yours or an ally’s, from a 6- to a 7-9, or a 7-9 to a 10+.

Out of your Depth

When you attempt a task beyond your capabilities, roll+Cha. *On a 10+, it kinda works! choose 2, *On a 7-9, it seems ok… choose 1:

You gain 1 Calamity.

No-one will know it was you.

You didn’t cause permanent damage.

Someone else is initially implicated.

Get Lost

When you try to find your way through somewhere that isn’t an obvious, direct route, roll+Int. *On a 10+, you got there! choose 2. *On a 7-9, this looks like the place, choose 1:

You gain 1 Calamity.

It didn’t take too long.

You’re not getting pursued.

You accidentally found an interesting secret!


When you believe someone you should question, roll+Wis. *On a 10+, choose 2. *On a 7-9, choose 1:

You gain 1 Calamity.

They assume you are more competent or important than you are.

You gain access to somewhere or something you shouldn’t.

You don’t lose something important.


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  1. Yeah, I might have to buy it just so I could play him. I’ve really enjoyed the other classes you’ve put out here, especially the Giant and the Spellslinger.

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