This is how my notes and poor tired memory can gather from yesterday’s Dungeon World game with Kasper Brohus and…

This is how my notes and poor tired memory can gather from yesterday’s Dungeon World game with Kasper Brohus and…

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This is how my notes and poor tired memory can gather from yesterday’s Dungeon World game with Kasper Brohus and Eric Nieudan . It would add value to this if Kasper Brohus  could remember which moves he made…

Falafael’s spellbook belongs to Kunhar the Grand.

Falafael turns invisible and investigate the room with the crowd [Discern realities, success].

There is a priest w/ 5 cultists enactign a ritual of some sort. There are two satues in what looks like a dead end but it is in fact a ring of armed warriors statues guarding a doorway with a bird skull on it. There are tow cages with owlbears in it.

Falafael comes back to fetch me, Sinathel, and we run into the cave to stop the ritual going on.

I fire my sling [Volley, success], 4 cultists come at me, I wound one who stay behind, Falafael fails his attack [Hack’n slash] and don’t prevent the priest to open one of the two owlbear cages. I then kneel and asks the spirit of the stone to crush the three cultists that comes at me [Elemental mastery, partial success – I choose to pay and loose control]. The spirit turns the wall of rock at my left in the form of a giant fist and violently swing aside two cultists then crushes the third one. For his favour he asks me to handle him this jewel stone in a ritual. I will know the stone when I see it. Up to then, he won’t answer me again.

[Short interruption to put one of my children in bed. It seems Falafael disposed of one cultist during my absence]

The last cultist attacks Falafael in the back while he strives with the owlbear. I then try to rush at him [Defy danger +DEX, miss] but the giant stone fist trhows me against the opposite wal as I try to pass by it. I then defy the cultist [Defy danger +CHA] to come at me and trip him into the hand when he does. Unfortunately he grabed my slung which get crushed with the cultist. In the meantime, Falafael rages against the owlbear, while the cultist desperately tries to wound him with his father’s axe but fails miserably to pass through his armor. Falafael tells him it is useless because his father’s spirit won’t allow its own axe to wound his son. He seems to be proven right, indeed!

At that very moment I see the priest trying to finish his ritual. I then ask the fire spirit to use the candles on the altar to burn down the priest and his foul creation [Elemental mastery, partial success same choices]. He does but Falafael is hurt and the spirit of the priest leaves into a stone statue. The priest then continues to burn  and he attacks me and I try to get him between me and the owlbear [Defy danger +DEX] but I fail and the owlbear hurts me on the back of my head and I get confused [and down to 1 HP]. My instincts overwhelm me and I turn into a mud goose [Shapeshifting, partial success] to flee this awful place. Leaving Falafael behind…

I get outside and revert into my elvish form and sit down on a rock, sobbing when Falafael gets off with 3 people. He tells me that the cult leader finally sacrificed himself which apparently finished the ritual because he heard a loud wild and menacing laugh from behinf the door with the large bird skull on it.

Then the ground gets shaking and a strange portal appears at the top of the reconstructing tower that tears at the fabric of the world. Then I realise [Spout Lore, success] this looks like an old forbidden druidic ritual used to collect strength from a sacrificed prey. We decide to get upstair and break every stone teeth of the tower.

We get inside the tower, and I pick a large warhammer in the armory of the second fllor. We then rush into the stairs to burst into 3 bird-like demons with fire swords, I turn into a large raven [Shapeshifter, partial success] and fly upstairs while Falafael dodges them and climb upstairs too. There is a fourth demon guaring a strange eye-like two dimensionnal portal which feeeds from the energy that the seven stpone teeth of the tower gather from tearing apart the fabric of the world.

Falafael defends me while I break the first four stone teeth and thus kills two demons. Then we have to switch role. I shapeshift into a Warrior Eagle, I battle with a demon that cast us down the tower. Falafael has to face the last demon and they both die in a final exchange of deadly blows. But his father doesn’t allow him to cross Death’s Gate because he is not worthy of it [Last breath, success!]. I finally finished the last demon but get badly hurt [Hack’n slash success but I take damages to inflict +1d6, kills the demon but get down to 2 HP]. I then crawled up on my broken ankle and break the very last teeth. The portal collapses and then the tower shakes and crumbles, I change into an Warrior Eagle again and, at the very last moment, [Defy danger +DEX, partial success] save Falafael from a lethal fall but leaves him with a scar from my claws.

The End

I get the village to help me build a shrine to the spirits of the Whispering Plains

Falafael gets them to recover his spellbook from the gravel of the tower and then they build us a cottage for us to stay with us.

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