9 thoughts on “DW at Origins 2013?”

  1. Hey there! OH Nerd will have a small presence at Origins, and some of us will be running stuff at Games on Demand. You can be assured that Dungeon World will be on offer during most if not all the slots there – just come by with some generic tickets, and we can get you set up! If you have any questions about Games on Demand, I know that Kira Scott, Evan Torner, and/or Jim Crocker can tell you everything you need to know.

  2. +Travis Scott, thanks for the info! We will be certain to stop off for some Dungeon World. I’ve never heard of GAMES ON DEMAND. I’ve learned something new!

    Where will I find G.o.D.?

  3. Also, don’t be shy about playing Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts or other games based on the same core system as Dungeon World, on the off chance it isn’t being offered when you are at GoD. You’ll get a good feel for how it works no matter which game you end up in.

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