Tonights session went fairly well.

Tonights session went fairly well.

Tonights session went fairly well. One last breath roll from the fighter, and druid saved him before the tower collapsed, barely catching him while in bird shape as the fighter’s unconscious body was plummeting to his death, merely seconds after they closed the portal to hell that the cultists succeeded in opening.

Awesome. Best “three-shot” ever 😀

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  1. Actually, I was quite pleasantly surprised by how everything went. We had an aerial combat scene between a druid in Warrior Eagle form fighting a Vulture demon with a flaming sword.

    Fighter was pretty bad ass too, took out three of them by himself. I learned something from this game: d8+2 damage monsters are freaking deadly.

    Session ended with a Fighter, unconscious and barely alive after being skewered on a burning sword, and a druid with a broken ankle, a skull fracture and a mean concussion.

    And of course the Vulture Demon Prince, Ri’lek, was thwarted in his attempt to escape his magical prison. Lucky players by the way. 🙂

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