20 thoughts on “Here are some things I made for my gaming group.”

  1. Andrew Murphy that could be a little hard to pull off because the stat blocks along with all of the text there are actually just images… but not impossible, I’ll see what I can do

  2. Sorry, nom de photoshop was just a bad pun. I don’t see your name on the artists on page 4. Did you just ask one of the artists for the color art? Are you one of the artists under a different name? I’m so horribly confused!

  3. Parker Emerson I am not the artist as there is only one piece of artwork and one artist listed. I’m not craven enough to credit myself as having worked on material written and drawn by others.

  4. Derp. For some reason, I interpreted “Fourth Page of any of the PDFs” to mean of the Dungeon World PDFs (which also list all the artists). Thanks for the clarification! Sorry!

  5. It’s probably my fault that didn’t come across right. I refer to the playbooks as “single-page” and then I refer to multiple pages. I should have called them “single piece of paper” booklets that fold into four pages. The first page is the picture, the second page is the stat block and character particulars, the third page is the starting moves and level 2-5 moves, and the fourth page is level 6+ moves and credits.

    My bad.

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