first afternoon of running dungeon world as the GM.

first afternoon of running dungeon world as the GM.

first afternoon of running dungeon world as the GM… my players tried to steal whilst the town was under attack, liquified some goblins, set fire to the tavern, sliced a ogre in half in one swing, got the passed out half giant stuck inside the kitchen because they couldnt fit him through a door, “saved” him by letting the rubble fall on him, and fought off a mind controlling, shape shifting clay monster that had attached itself to the creatures and a giant ornate beer stein and took the shape of a giant spider (inspired in part by “the hollow” PDF i found someware, nerd werd?)

all in a days work…

oh and shield slammed and threatened to kill an old lady for spitting in the wizards face (she blamed them for bringing the trouble to town…) ^_^

the game worked brilliantly, i only had to delve into the rulebook once durring play for a quick double check when leveling up at the end of the session

was first time for everyone at the table and got some brilliant roleplay, especially out of a usually slap happy character and the flow of the game was brilliant 😀

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  1. Funny how even with all awesomeness of DW there is still a bit of murdering hobos – that bit about shield bashing the old lady. How did you handle their alignment for that?

  2. Well my description was a bit brief, basically the old lady charged at the wizard (who was badly hurt) and started a bit of a crowd up, saying how “them creepy elves are always to blame” and “using magic destroys good honest humans lives” then spat in her face.

    The cleric had a bond that the wizard was always In danger and they would protect them, and was good, so said that he dived into the crowd and slammed the old women (in pic shield is on his back) intimidating the crowd, then after he healed up the wizard,

    Jumping in front of angry mob to save wizard actually made sense to his good alignment of risking himself to heal another (whilst also adding to his bond)

    Ofc my first description can sound pretty, “oh and I beat up the old woman” but seriously it was well in the fiction and I loved it (also planning for that women to want revenge and her sons and daughters are important someware else in the world)

  3. Ah ok I had envisioned the more beat up the npc cause I can. Makes for a good story your way. I suffered from way to much of play groups like kodt – the ultimate murdering hobos – which should be a cc.

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