8 thoughts on “Has anyone made an .xml file containing all moves in the game, or should I just retrieve this info from Github?”

  1. Actually, also because it’s easy to use along with javascript. When I made this post, I was the mood of making an online character maintainer. Thought it would help a lot in Hangouts and pbp games. But I fear it will be one of those things I won’t get done anyway…

  2. json is much nicer if you’re using javascript.

    Tell me what your plan is (PM if you want) and maybe I can help. I do Rails and iOS in my day hobby, and dabble with heavy client side app technologies in my other hobby.

    Since this is such a quick game, being able to just have your group hit a site, make the five or six choices that they need to make, and from then on it stores the characters, handles advancements, could do all kinds of things.

  3. It’s just for character generation and maintenance, nothing else. 🙂 I wasn’t going to make an app, not for phones anyway.

    I know how JSON works, I’m just not used to using it.

    I also wanted to be able to filter out the actual mechanical parts of moves, and make a GM copy of your sheet only containing the triggers for your moves. That’s one of the things I miss when GM’ing; a handy list of triggers per character.

  4. No no, I didn’t mean do it for the phone, sorry, I was just pointing out that I have some technical abilities and could possibly help. I like the idea of having the character sheets online – it makes creating and maintaining characters easier. 

    Big bonus would be to write a Google+ Hangouts plug in that can pull your details and display them automagically.

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