11 thoughts on “Anyone written a good haggle move?”

  1. When you haggle with a merchant of the Black Monks Shipping Company, you get whatever price you ask for, plain and simple. You also get +marked, and merchants of the Black Monks will not sell to you or anyone that carries your blood until you perform a service to cleanse yourself of the mark.

  2. When you haggle with an friendly merchant, roll+cha. On a 10+ both, on a 7-9, choose 1:

    -The merchant doesn’t resent you.

    -You are able to knock a reasonable amount off the price.

    When you haggle with an avaricious merchant, roll +wis.  On a 10+, you get what you’re looking for for the price you want. On a 7-9, either you get the price you’re looking for, or the quality. 

    When you haggle with the Dust Dealers with a clear head, they will give you whatever quantity of dust you want at whatever price you want, no fuss, provided you share a snort with them. When you haggle with the Dust Dealers while fucked up by Dust addiction, choose 1:

    -You leave empty handed and desperate.

    -You pay whatever they ask for whatever quantity they will give.

    -You pay what you want for a tainted batch.

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