9 thoughts on “If I fail “Cast a Spell”, is the spell lost?”

  1. No. On a 7-9, you have to the option to “forget” as the negative consequence of the partial success.

    Edit: Oops. My reading comprehension isn’t at its best today. Dylan Boates has it right.

  2. If you fail “Cast a Spell” the GM can make whatever moves seem appropriate. One of them is “Use up their resources”.

    So, the answer is “That’s up to your GM and what makes sense in your game.”

  3. What about if I choose to make the spell go really wrong? Should  I make the Wizard forget it anyway? It seems like a bit of an overkill to, for example, make the fireball explode on your face AND make you loose the spell for the day.

  4. Depends on the circumstances.  “overkill” is on you and your group.  It makes fictional sense to say “you miscast the spell and it goes crazy, blowing up the wrong target” which includes both, but there may be other ways to narrate that, too.

  5. Why not make it turn their move back on them (overkill) and then you tell the. The consequences and ask (one of the projectiles flies in your direction. You can jump out of the way but this will destroy the concentration you need to keep the spell. If you want to keep the spell you need to take the hit)

    Moves snowball

  6. I rolled a miss when casting contact spirits yesterday, the first level spell. My GM told me that the spirit had no wish speaking to me, and that the magic then dissipated.

    That wasn’t the entire hard move my GM threw at me, but it was the only thing related to my spell. I really liked that he didn’t just say “you flunk it”, that it was something outside my characters control that went wrong. That’s how I like hard moves to be anyway. Makes the characters feel more competent in a way.


    Long story short, I’m playing a White Ape Wizard in a Dungeon Planet game, and I was being attacked by some ape folk from my former tribe. After I had gotten some cover, I tried to summon our tribal spirit to ask them why they were attacking us. It did not wish to speak to me as it used to. My character left the tribe to live as a hermit, so the tribal spirit is my primary means of knowing what’s going on.

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