8 thoughts on “New compendium Class yay”

  1. The feel of the first move is awesome. The wording on the roll is a little awkward – We assume it’ll work on a hit, you don’t have to state it. How many to choose on what rolls is phrased strangely too: what if you changed it to 

    “On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 3.”

    Also, on that note, I know the purpose is to show that this is trickster magic and unreliable and strange, but making someone choose two options when they’ve rolled a success seems a bit punishing. You might consider changing it to just one, or have them choose none, and make speaking in rhyme be a simple prerequisite for using the ability in the first place.  Likewise, choosing three for a partial success seems harsh, might lower that by one as well.

    With Sly Words, shouldn’t you roll when you /attempt/ to mislead /or/ confuse? Makes it a bit more broad.

  2. I changed it to or. That was actually what i meant. Thanks Colin Stratton 

    I think still mentioning that it works is needed otherwise it’s not 100% clear from the move. I think 2/3 is still okay because you can pull out some massive effects from the spells. 

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