14 thoughts on “So I think I’m gonna try running some DW in a hangout at some point.”

  1. Roll20 works well with a bit of practice.

    For a great many of your encounters a white board would suffice and the hangouts have an program call “Scoot and Doodle” for that.

  2. Haven’t run it yet but I’m planning to use roll20. There’s a lot of features there but we don’t really need most of them for DW. I spent maybe 20 minutes getting the hang of the interface and uploading a map to practice with. It even has a Fog of War feature which is pretty neat. Multiple layers leaves the GM with a layer for brief notes. I anticipate working very well.

  3. I’ve found for me anyway, the less apps you use the smoother the game goes. Seems like every time I have to deal with an app, I lose immersion.

  4. If it was me, I’d set up a new Google+ account named Maps O’Aaron. I’d log onto it with my iPad and aim the camera at a blank sheet. If I was classy. I’d rig up (or buy) a document camera.

  5. I do character sheets as a google doc.  I haven’t needed a map yet, but if I did I’d just make another doc and sketch some stuff out.  It’s not pretty, but it works pretty well.  I wonder if it’s less demanding on the computer that roll20? 

    Let us know when you start posting games.  I’d love to join one.  I run a simple one on Fridays.  

  6. Could be.  I tried to join a hangout game using Roll 20, but it would crash me out of the hangout.  I’m using a (1.66 GHz dual core net book with 2 GB RAM).  On the other hand, I generally have several Google docs open in tabs at any given time.

    I should also mention, I’m on a VPN from behind the Great Firewall of China.

  7. Just tried to get my 3rd player square on google plus and roll20. The rest of us had no problems at all using roll20 through hangout. However, my third player just had the same problem…roll20 kept dropping him out of Hangout.

  8. Josh Harden The old fashion way ! Pencil and rubber…

    On the table, a whiteboard and markers, and miniatures of course !

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