7 thoughts on “Today is an awesome day for Dungeon World for me.”

  1. Dungeon Planet is great 🙂 Currently I’m playing a six-armed white ape wizard in a pbp game. Awesome stuff!

    I really wanted to back Inverse World, but the 20$ oversea shipping turns a 30$ pledge into a 50$ one…

  2. Yeah, I can imagine that the international shipping is a pain. The creators set up an Inverse World G+ community so that international folks like yourself can try to find someone to buddy up with to make that cost less terrible.

  3. But I live in Denmark, I have enough trouble finding Danish players for Dungeon World, let alone ones that live in the same city… Which is tragic, Aarhus is the second largest city in the country…

  4. Yeah, I agree with Kasper Brohus — Dungeon Planet is great. Our game just began, but it’s exciting so far.

    I plan on backing Inverse World as well – that looks like a lot of fun!

  5. Kasper Brohus, I feel your pain.  I live in China.  PbP has been my answer, though we’ll have to see about getting a hangout game going.  Not sure how that will work, getting through the Great Firewall.

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