so, after two sessions now I’m onmy way to build some fronts, what follows is som backgraound history emerged from…

so, after two sessions now I’m onmy way to build some fronts, what follows is som backgraound history emerged from…

so, after two sessions now I’m onmy way to build some fronts, what follows is som backgraound history emerged from the first two games…


two facts


A century ago occured a bloody battle between the Order of the Silent Dawn on a side, and Signadoth the  blind demon prince and his followers, on the other.

Finally the Order prevailed on the Demon and managed to banish him from the world, imprisoning him on a distant plane. But, many of the Order of the Dawn were killed in the battle and the Order itself disappeared.


fifty years ago…

Nashrazel the dragon was terrorizing the people of the north, and one knight named Cyril stood alone against the dragon and finally killed the winged beast.

In the heat of the fight with the dragon, Cyril prayed for help and some misteryous entity answeared his call. Cyril offered his life if the mysterious entity would granted him the strenght to deliver a single deadly blow to Nashrazel. So a pact was sealed. The dragon was slayed, but the Entity took the life of Cyril’s family and not his. So the knight went mad, wondered alone for years, disappearing. Legend says that some of the blood spilled from the dragon’s wound crystallized into a weapon called The Claw of Regret, and that Cyril took it with him before he disappeared.


The Cult of Signadoth recently has embarked on a quest to retrieve the Claw of Regret, because of it’s power to release Signadoth the Demon Prince. Unfortunately the one who knows where is the Claw it is Shraya, the ruler of the Realm of the Nightmares, the place where bad dreams come from to visit mankind during the night. She is the custodyan of all mankind’s nightmares, including Cyril’s.

But theyr plans are not unknown to the few successor of the newly reformed Order of the Dawn that kidnapped Shraya to hide her from theyr enemies.


the Pc’s were hired to escort a caravan of a disguised group of men of the Order, who had to bring Shraya in a secret place, and then decide what to do with her. During the journey they were attacked by a group of armed man (related to the cult of the demon prince), that took Shraya with them but later she managed to escape when the group confronted with a spirit of the drowned.

The party retreated into a magical swamp (where they successfuly killed the spirit of the drowned).

NOTE: Shraya it’s the only person of the realm of nightmares who can walk into the mortal world (but only during the day time), but the Order casted a spell of binding on her, a tattoo that looks like chains, so now she can’t come back to his plane and it’s on the run. Her duty is to keep the natural balance of things in her own realm, but what would happen if it is missing? How would react the caothic spirits of the nightmares?

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  1. so long I’ve sketched tha campaign front…

    Followers of Signadoth

    Cult (impulse: to infest from within)

    Grim portents:

    -Shraya is captured (again).

    -Shraya’s memories are scanned.

    -Cyril’s buryal ground is found.

    -the Claw of Regret is retrieved.

    -the ritual is performed

    Impending doom – Tyranny: Signadoth the blind demon prince is realesed.

    Realm of Nightmares

    Shadowland (impulse: to corrupt or consume the living)I


    Force of Chaos (impulse: to destroy all semblance of order)

    -The spirit are upset, humans experience extremely vivid nightmares.

    -some people die in theyr sleep.

    -the instability of the realm creates a breach into the mortal world, some spirits cross the bound.

    -the realm itself starts to absorb portion of the mortal world.

    Impending doom – Rampant Chaos: the natural balance of all the things it’s subverted, the Eternal Night descend upon the mortal world.

    Order of the Silent Dawn

    Religious Organization (impulse: to establish and follow doctrine)

    Grim portents:

    -The Order is reformed/New recruits are found

    -The Emissaryes of the Order look for powerful allies.

    -A One God religion

    -Freedom of worship is denied

    Impending doom – Tyranny: worship of the old gods and spirits is forbidden, persecution of the infidels.

    I hade to quickly tranlsate it into english to share it, so a bit of the flavour got lost in the process, I apologize for it!

    Anyway, I’d like to have advice/suggestions since it’s my firts time creating fronts for a Dw game, and I still don’t have the grasp of it.

    oh, Kasper Brohus that’s it 😉

  2. yes, I had no idea what to do when we started to play, I just have the Swamp as a location I’d like to see in the first session, but I was also inclined to let it go if it didn’t fit.

    All the background history (except tiny details) come from the first two sessions, making moves and asking questions.

    But I don’t know if the grim portents are written in the proper way.

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