14 thoughts on “Quick vocab question for the hive mind: is a bit 7+ or 10+?”

  1. 7+, including 10+, is a hit. Sometimes I refer to 7-9 as a mixed success and a 10+ as a full success, but “hit” refers to either or both. Like, you swing the sword, you hit the dude, regardless of whether he hits you back or not.

  2. The way I think of it, there is no simple glossary for the success ranges; easier to think about it in narrative terms. Less than a 6 means the player loses control and the GM gets to make a Move; 7-9 means the player succeeds at what they intended to do, but the GM can insert a detail that complicates that intention or the player is forced into choosing to give something up; on a 10+, the player gets exactly what they intended without complications from the GM.

    If I had to simplify, it’d be: Dire Consequences, Some Complications, Unmitigated Success. But that doesn’t sound simple at all.

  3. 10+ as planned, complete success etc, 7-9 success with consequences, 6- trouble.

    It’s important to note that a 6- isn’t always a failure, and will _usually_ mean something bad for the PC, but precisely what, is left to the GM.  They can make as hard a move as they like.

  4. Yeah. I’ve been in situations where the worst thing I could think of to do on a 6- was give the PC exactly what they wanted and then some.

  5. Yup. I remember my Angel Gazing Into the Abyss and praying to Satan to cause the blame for the murder of a fellow student to fall on someone my Angel hated, and I rolled a 6. The answer was a single word:


    I was horrified.

  6. Joseph Le May I’d be scared too. Most often, if the players don’t feel the consequences immediately, then it’s because I have some really nasty plans for them later.

    Eric Nieudan and Bastien Wauthoz -> You’re pretty much screwed by the way… 😉

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