And the kickstarter for… And the kickstarter for… And the kickstarter for Inverse World is live!

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  1. My favourite is the Lantern, and my friend really adores the Captain.

    I have a question regarding a custom grouping of 1 personalized + 3 standard books for International Shipping. Would you prefer I use the Kickstarter message system to ask or should I use the G+ system to do so?

  2. I cannot wait to see more inverse world, and will surely be backing! That piece of promo art is really beautiful and evocative, it has a great sense of wonder that shines through in all the released material.

  3. Brandon Schmelz Thanks! Wanted to know if I could craft a custom international pack with a personalized copy (the 70 or 100, still deciding) and three regular copies to save on shipping. Would you be willing to do that or will it cause a problem with logistics?

  4. I’m still not sure what the Core story of this is. In AW you are cool people fighting for survival in a world of scarcity. The game might be different with a hardholder a chopper and a hocus then with a Savyhead, Brainer and Gunlugger but i know what to expect.

    In DW you have cool adventures and fights in a fantasy world. MH is about the messy live of teenage monsters.

    When i sit down to play Inverse World – what can i expect?

    i will still back this though.

  5. Inverse world is still dungeon world. When you sit down to play inverse world, you can expect to have cool adventures in a fantasy world. The main difference is that it is not necessarily a generic fantasy world – there is so much more to the imagination than orcs and dwarves. Inverse World wants to make your fantasy adventure more fantastic – cloud cities that drift on the wind, giant monsters fought from the deck of your flying ship, an endless sky of dungeons and dangerous things. It is a world of unexplored adventure, fantastic happenings, and whimsical wonders.

    When you play inverse world, you are still playing dungeon world, and it has the same tone and the same feel. I just want to inject a bit more wonder into the game, and try not to stick so closely to the beaten path.

  6. No, thank you for making it an option! I’m pledged in and pretty stoked; I know precisely where in my personal cosmology to place the IW, :). Good luck in far exceeding your goals on this project!

  7. From the current draft of the book:

    “Using These Playbooks in Other Settings

    While these playbooks were designed with Inverse World’s setting in mind, they are balanced with the main playbooks of Dungeon World. If you want to bring a Fighter or a Bard into Inverse World, go right ahead! If you want to play a Walker in a different setting, sure! Just be sure to make sure your GM is fine with using this material first. While an airship is almost required to get around in Inverse World, some GMs might not be happy with your Captain having an airship from the get-go in most other settings. The next few pages will be spent addressing those concerns. “

    And don’t you worry, I put plenty of thought into addressing those concerns.

  8. That is correct. The basic moves work how they always have. Inverse World features new playbooks, new setting material, new monsters, a new Hireling type (the Pilot), and new types of threats to throw at the players (Hazards and Giant Monsters). There will also be some sample Fronts and locations, to help a GM jump their party right on in to Inverse World.

  9. Oh, does ‘/sub’ mean ‘subscribed’? I’ve always read it as BB code-esque ‘[/subscribed]’, as in ‘I was subscribed to this, but now I’m not’. The former makes more sense!

  10. Chris Sakkas, yeah, its sort of a “nothing to see here, just going to keep tabs on the conversation” since once you comment, you get notified of all replies.

    Andri Erlingsson I look forward to seeing more of your mount rules/moves.

  11. so where is the best place for playbook mechanic discussion? should i open a private conversation or post it here in the community or here in this discussion? 

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