Introducing a new Playbook – The Fae!

Introducing a new Playbook – The Fae!

Introducing a new Playbook – The Fae!

The Fae is a playbook designed for use with Dungeon World and Inverse World. As The Fae, you will be tricking your enemies with illusions, pranks, and tricks, blessing some with wishes, damning others with curses, and causing no end of mischief and trouble. But beware, every Fae has rules they must abide, and weaknesses that can cause them trouble. You will have to walk a fine line between causing trouble and solving it!

Preview of starting moves:

Fae Nature

As a Fae, there are strange laws, customs, and weaknesses you must attend. When you create your character, Choose 3 weaknesses. These are the Fae weaknesses that are specific to you. When you encounter a situation that affects one of your weaknesses, either through the natural course of play or as a result of a GM move, you immediately gain 1 Boon.

Bitter Iron – you are allergic to Iron. It’s touch poisons you, and suppresses your Fae Magic.

Truthbound – You may never say a thing you know to be untrue.

Sun-Averse – The brightness of the sun strips away your glamours and illusions.

Oath-bound – You must keep any oath, deal, pact, or agreement you make.

Name-Bound – Your True Name is ________. You must obey one order of any that know your true name, then you are free.

Life Debt – you owe a debt to any that save your life, and must truly help them or save their life before the debt is paid.

Holy Words – The sacred words of the mortal religions can weaken you, bind you, or drive you out.

Riddle-Obsessed – You cannot resist a riddle, and will stop and ponder it until you reach an answer.

Mischievous – You cannot resist playing pranks or taunting figures of authority.

Child Liberator – You will try to steal mistreated or mischievous children away from their families, and deliver them to a life of magic and adventure in The Fae.


When you curse a person, creature, place, or object, say the curse out loud, spend 1 Boon and roll +Wis. *On a 10+, choose 3. *On a 7-9, choose 1. *On a miss, you choose 1 and the GM chooses 2 from the list below, and those affected know who did the cursing.

The curse only affects that which you want it to

The curse wears off when you want it to (3 days and 3 nights, until the next full moon, a year and a day)

The curse changes their form, puts them into a supernatural slumber, or strikes them mute

The curse can be broken only by one of the following: True Love’s Kiss, a heartfelt apology, a pure tear of sorrow.

Sly Words

When you mislead and confuse others with technically true words, roll+Cha. *On a 10+, they make the assumption you were implying. *On a 7-9, they make an assumption, but not the one you were hoping for.


When you use your illusion magic to trick, entice, or confuse others, describe it and roll+Cha. *On a 10+, they fall for your glamour. *On a 7-9, they’re mostly convinced, but demand some kind of proof. *On a miss, you illusion shatters to reveal the naked truth.

Fae Tongue

you can communicate with other Fae, spirits, and wild, living things like forest animals and plants. You cannot understand domesticated animals or plants.—A-Dungeon-World-Playbook?src=social_media_link#.UXArjFrzhwI.google_plusone_share

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  1. As i understand Fae Nature you get Boon basically the same way like you would get from a Fate Aspect? When your Nature comes into play you get Boon?

  2. That’s right. Later,there are other moves that allow you to earn Boon in different ways, and moves that let you spend Boon in slightly different ways. Basically, you have to keep getting in trouble to keep causing trouble.

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