My Human Spider Compendium Class along with two custom moves that play into the class.

My Human Spider Compendium Class along with two custom moves that play into the class.

My Human Spider Compendium Class along with two custom moves that play into the class.

First time creating something like this, so let me know if there is something I am missing.

I have 3 move names in there too without a move associated and an incomplete move.

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  1. i fear that are a lot of moves just for climbing. A pc taking that class will push the game more into something where this will come up more often but it is really costly to take this moves. 

    Some players might be really into this but i’m not sure. 

    I just looked over it but this really stood out to me. 

  2. Silent Climb seems to be incomplete. 

    I would probarbly just allow someone to take Always on your feet. Paying 2 moves for this effect is costly as i said. I understand the power progression though.

  3. Also, what is with people the other members of your adventuring party? To they have to make the custom move all or can you just lower a robe down to them to help them up?

    What if no one has the human spider move? Everybody rolls? One rolls, the others aid?

  4. +Tim Franzke First, thanks for looking it over.

    1 – Number of Moves – I wanted to put whatever I thought up into here. Some come moves could be combined or dropped depending on the setting/campaign style. I’d like to hear whats good and what isn’t.

    The more I worked on this, the more I want to run a campaign in a mountainous Continent. Maybe a dormant/inactive mega volcano, the size of a continent with a hot thermal jungle in the sunken caldera surrounded by mountain ranges created by erosion and time from that single colossal volcano. In such a setting, climbing will be important.

    2 – Silent climb – It is incomplete. Its an idea without an implementation at the moment

    3 – Always on Your Feet – see #1.

    4 – Without human spider, there is the Vertical Limit move (at the bottom of the document). It is essentially an untrained version of “Controlled Climb”. What the other party members do depends on the fiction.

    Being chased by orcs? Probably not the time to plan a climb, but you could grab out some gear if need be.

    Lowered rope? sure, custom move, but it will almost double the party’s travel time (one climb plus the aided climb).


  5. Here was my development process for everything.


    Climbing Rules -> Vertical Limit

    What if there was a compendium class for rock climbing -> Human Spider

    A feather fall like ability would fit here -> Down Down / Always on your Feet

    Wedge it -> Feather Fall is nice, but what if you don’t want to climb that 200ft fortress wall again?

    Path Foresight -> What comes with more climbing experience? The ability to simply see the best path to climb

    Rappel -> What goes up, must come down

    Now that I look at this again, Rappel is probably just a custom move and not a CC move. Not very special. moves Rappel to custom moves section

  6. ITYM rappel, not repel. The first is to descend (in a particular fashion using ropes and pretty special equipment).  The other is to push something away from you.

    “The orcs stench repelled us, so we rappelled down the cliff face.” 

  7. I would combine down down and always on your feet into a single move, roll +dex, 12+, take no damage and land on your feet, 10-11 take no more than d8, 7-9 choose 1: roll 2d8, take the higher in damage; you hurt yourself landing, and you’re SLOW until you fix the damage; lose a piece of gear (or mark a use of adventuring gear) and describe what you used up to slow your fall.  Fail take full damage.

  8. Travis Young I like your suggested move except that on a fail you take “full damage”. My design idea was to address HUGE cliffs and walls. “Full damage” will equal “dead” in most of those cases.


    “On a -6, you chooses 2 and you take an additional d8”

    Edit: Maybe restricting the move to Levels 6-10 and more protective?

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