I mentioned my unhappiness with the current price model for selling DW content.

I mentioned my unhappiness with the current price model for selling DW content.

I mentioned my unhappiness with the current price model for selling DW content. Sill I did quite a bit of stuff now and want to put it together into a nice format. The thing is, there is an infrastructure for selling this and why shouldn’t I use this.

The original plan was 20/25 classes but this is a bit much in my time right now. Still there are people selling 1 class for 3 dollar(or something) so does 3$ for 13 classes seem fair to you guys? I will probably still leave half of the classes online for people to find.

Kickstarting is seems a bit much, unneeded and intimidating.

I mostly want to make stuff for the community (and get lots of feedback to improve) but giving a fair price for a product like this is not a bad thing is it?

Coming from the Apocalypse Community with its sharing (and now freely giving) away of playbooks this all seems kind of weird to me I confess.

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  1. I will never turn down something offered for free, but I think $0.75 or less per playbook is more than reasonable if they are if nicely formatted and include some fluffy discussion of the class/CC.

    $3 for 13 is certainly a fair price, IMO.

  2. For me the price/value ratio is off. People can charge/pay whatever they want but I find it irrational to pay the given price on most drivethru stuff out their right now.

  3. Huh. I actually feel like I’m getting a good deal at $3–$4 a pop for a whole base class is pretty reasonable. I mean, I know how much time it takes Adam and I to make one of these things, and that seems reasonable.

    That said, part of the problem is Adam and me setting the core PDF at just $10 (we almost did $5!). That’s kind of a crazy deal, which makes reasonable prices on other stuff seem low.

    That said: we deliberately didn’t want to control what or how other people made stuff, so set whatever price you like.

  4. I guess, at any price north of a dollar, I would be concerned with quality. How many of these classes were playtested? How many playtested them? How long were these classes playtested? If you can come up with a decent pitch that addresses those concerns, I would have no problem paying a dollar PER class!

    When that gnome dude sold some of his classes, each one was given individual attention and great quality, and made me believe that these were polished products, worthy of a few bucks. So I spent a few bucks for them.

    But just seeing some random guy hawking a massive amount of DW stuff for any price instead of giving it away makes me weary. Now maybe I just don’t know you (apologies if you’re some industry insider that I don’t know), but here’s what I do know: It took Sage Kobold years to make nine (ten?) classes for Dungeon World. The game hasn’t even been around for that long yet, and here you are with 20+.

    So unless I’m horribly, horribly mistaken and you’re actually a big name in the industry, I’d keep the first 10 or so classes free, build a rep, THEN charge for the rest.

  5. Compendium Classes, i am just talking about Compendium Classes. I did 2 Apocalypse Playbooks but no full Class for Dungeon World (i kinda don’t want to)

  6. Tim Franzke I think $3 per playbook is reasonable (though I’d advocate for $2.5). Sell them individually. Also offer a bundle of 4 for $7 bucks or so.

    Give options to cherry pick. And from what I’ve found, base classes are by far the hardest thing to create in Dungeon World.

  7. That’s why i don’t do that Jeremy Friesen. I had an idea about doing something incarnum related but it was fairly involved and difficult to do.

  8. Yeah, it really wouldn’t hurt to do a tiny little bit of research.

    Mind you, it’s not as if Brandon Schmelz’s Funhaver Games are the only people making base classes, so I’m sure there are people who don’t make their stuff available for free or CC-license it.

    Even then, though, $3 for a base class is 100% completely fair. A base class takes a lot of time and effort to make and expecting to get them for $0.75 is sheer bloody madness. Just because the DW book happens to have a shitload of content for its price doesn’t mean we can all afford to sell out stuff for essentially nothing.

    Trust me, I felt bad about charging $3 for a single base class vs. $10 for eight + the rest of the book (which is what Adam and Sage charge), but ultimately that single class was definitely worth $3 of my labour.

  9. That’s a good point, Alex Norris. We should bear in mind that most of the money spent on those new classes is NOT a cost, but rather a compliment for good work.

  10. One of the reasons it’s good to release all the playbooks for free under CC as well is so that people can take a look at the class before deciding to give the author money for it and thus determine the value and quality of the work first, so please do consider doing that no matter what your pricing ends up being. The price is honesly as much of a tip jar reflecting the effort you feel was put into the work.

  11. This really wasn’t meant as a personal attack. Maybe my price opinions are way off but as i said i come from the AW background of sharing (that had it’s own problems) and now free sharing. 

    Maybe a bit of my problem is that the stuff is available at places i don’t frequent (ie here or Vincents forums or storygames.com)

  12. Tim Franzke: yeah, it is fair to say that the SA thread is its own little community and doesn’t necessarily crosspost to here, let alone to storygames or barf forth.

    That said if you’ve seen nerdwerds’ fucking absurdly good cataloguing of AW resources/hacks, the SA DW thread got an index post on there recently: http://nerdwerds.blogspot.de/2013/04/dungeon-world-resources.html

    Personally, I will never release a DW product that I don’t also release for free and CC-licensed, but I am a pinko commie copyleftist and have a steady source of income. Not everyone does, so it’s understandable that some people actually want to be able to live off their ability to write RPG stuff.

    Incidentally, Johnstone Metzger does not get enough kudos for releasing all the Dungeon Planet playbooks for free.

  13. Yes, Patrick Henry Downs is doing terrific work there and did a lot for the community in general. 

    I would be really interested in getting more feedback on my stuff but i am not really positive on registering there. 

  14. Tim Franzke: SA accounts are $10 which is not to everyone’s liking, I will literally buy you an account if you promise to contribute to the DW thread regularly and give me an email address.

    e; also, if you seriously sell 13 good base classes for $3 I will call you an idiot for not selling them for more instead, because 13 good base classes is easily worth more. DW base classes are a ridiculous amount of work to make into something decent and I have no idea how Sage and Adam managed.

  15. In the past, I’ve happily payed as much as $5 for 1 playbook but that was from the game designer and there was other stuff along with it.  My take on compendium classes is 6/$1.  That’s 3/page, front and back.  $1 for one loaded sheet of paper feels right to me.

  16. Considering that I often make less than a dollar per playbook sale, I find this entire criticism a little unfair. There isn’t real money in this, this is done for the fun of it and the tips are just encouraging or go towards other DW things.

  17. Tim Franzke: that is a pretty important distinction! Considering a base class is essentially equivalent to 8-10 compendium classes (3 alignment moves, 3 race moves, 4 base moves, 10/10 advance moves).

    I’d feel like a single CC for $3 (we’re talking an entry move + 3-4 advance here) isn’t worth it, but it’d still be their prerogative. I would happily pay $1 for a decent compendium class (still talking entry + 3-4 moves), easily. 

    I am probably a bit of an outlier though, in that I value something new and interesting over pure quantity/quality, and I am quite happy to throw money at people who I think deserve it. Not everyone has that kind of disposable income and that’s fine.

    I’m kicking myself so hard that I didn’t pitch in for $50 for the DW KS, as it’s easily worth that much to me.

  18. If I ever write something for DW/AW and personally refuse to share it for free, everyone needs to call me all the fucking names because I will have sold out and become what I hate.

    I’d put a link up to the Shaman charsheet for free on DTRPG if they’d let me. 🙁

  19. Oh yeah Alex Norris has it there. Consider also that there’s effort to have two or so CCs with many classes on top, like how my Namer includes one for a buddy cop comedy involving a ghost and a wandering scholar one which go well beyond just being Namer specific. I feel like that is a good policy for three dollars.

  20. This whole thread started out weird, got confrontational, and then ended in productive collaboration on things of beauty. Good work, all. That should happen more often!

  21. As a player, I appreciate all the free content and the ability to buy/pay to support solid effort. Some add-on content for games out there is total crap, but if its a buck, not a big loss. I appreciate playtested and spell checked material. :-). Now, hugs all around. 

  22. also, if you seriously sell 13 good base classes for $3 I will call you an idiot for not selling them for more instead,

    This is a problem.

    I’m actually in the original camp. I’m not exactly a fan of the current model of putting out the playbooks.

    Assume for the moment that pricing is fair  (weather two pages for four dollars is fair, or what folks can afford – I’ll leave up to folks to discuss with their wallets).

    Lets for a moment assume that these classes are quality (a number that folks have randomly brought to my tables were not – which sucks because folks shelled out cash for something they won’t get to use). 

    The nature of this game was open collaboration (see the Adventurer’s guild and AW Forums). The content is released for free. I see a number of people doing stellar work and putting it up for free (like in this Community).  I see the creators doing exactly this too. This is in the vein and nature of the original spirit of the game. For one – it enriches the whole process. By seeing these moves and discussing them we all learn, and can use them in further examples and hacks of our own. I’m still not judging those that somehow feel their work is superior and worth the money.

    What I do have a problem with is that statement up above. When you begin placing a price on this work, and belittling people that choose to share it – this is toxic behavior.

    Similarly I have issue with people that slap a CC license on something but only make it available for purchase (it defeats the purpose, and nature of creative commons).

    So I don’t have a problem with folks collaborating (that’s awesome) even if it’s behind a pay-walled community (less awesome but still sweet). I don’t have a problem with folks asking for a couple bucks for something (I will not pay it without some previous examples to the quality of their work – but again others might). I do have a problem with people being told that they need to sell their product for X-much, or that doing otherwise makes them an ‘idiot’.

    It makes those folks who do give away their stuff feel dumb and belittled, and I’d personally rather see more open collaboration and resources.

  23. Stras Acimovic you seem to be accusing people of doing something they haven’t, unless there’s a specific class you’re looking for a link to? I’ll be happy to provide some.

  24. I know every one of Funhaver Studios’ playbooks are available for free download, and I put downloadable previews of every playbook I publish into the description. I don’t see how we could possibly be more open about this, Stras. You are literally saying “how dare people hope to get paid for something they put work into.” You are being ridiculous.

    Also, no one is belittling people who give away their stuff for free. Hell, I’ve written/co-written/helped on at least 20 playbooks by now, but I’m only selling 8 of them right now. I have a lot I’ve been giving away, no strings attached! And I maintain a huge directory of freely downloadable DW playbooks! I am the last person who is going to look down on someone for sharing free content, and I am probably the most prolific third party DW content making individual there is, what with Funhaver Studios being multiple people.

    So believe me when I say this, honestly and earnestly: you have no idea what you are talking about.

  25. I actually do that with the Planarch Codex and am happy to explain why, but maybe that’s another thread. The short answer is: to pay for artwork for future products but welcome people making derivative work. There’s not much to Planarch besides the text, so if I just posted it somewhere, I don’t know what I’d sell. But I’m open to being convinced otherwise. And if someone else posted it, that’d be fine.

    Still, more generally, the great thing about indie publishing is that YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Inevitably people will compare different approaches, but creators have different needs and goals. Do whatever makes sense for your personal situation and don’t worry so much about what other folks (including Sage and Adam) are doing. Of course, everybody else can also choose to not buy or use your stuff if it doesn’t make sense for them.

  26. I very much support the right of anyone to make stuff and share it however works best for them. Adam and I have our way, but that’s not for everyone. In the realm of DW, “do what you will (but credit where it’s due)” is pretty much all there is to it.

  27. So let me restate for a moment since we’re having a failure to communicate – I don’t have a problem with folks making money from their work. I do have a problem with folks saying things like:

     if you seriously sell 13 good base classes for $3 I will call you an idiot for not selling them for more instead

    Hope that clears things up.

    Secondly – because I may actually be in error and I’m happy to be corrected (Andri Erlingsson you called me out here):  Anyone have a public link to the CCA3.0 Dragon Hunter and Dragon Thrall compendium classes? Preferably by the author? They’re part of a pay-for pack on DTRPG.

    Again I don’t take issue with folks selling a product. Good ones I’m happy to pay for. But this isn’t a value judgement (you shouldn’t buy it!) or a cry against a number of above-board folks that produce things (I know the Funhaver guy provides g-docs links for a few weeks before and after release, and always upon request). If I don’t like what someone is doing I’ll vote with my dollars and not worry about it.

    I do however want to make it clear that I will happily provide help, suggestions, playtests and work for people that share their stuff in the open – and want to encourage that. And also that I dislike peer pressure and criticisms that not only force folks into a non-CC paid-for product, but then set their price-point higher to match imaginary ‘standards’.

    Jonathan Walton you put together a solid product, with art and professional grade layout, and some excellent work (which things you’ve put out previously also exhibit). I have no beef with you, or your pricing (a ton of quality stuff for $5).

  28. Patrick Henry Downs It’s corvidsun.com but I’m in the middle of redoing my website.

    Stras Acimovic I have no beef with you either; I was just speaking generally. I mean, after all, even if Sage and Adam didn’t like what somebody was doing, it’s completely out of there hands as long as CC is properly followed.

  29. Aw, fuck, I thought I was the most prolific third party DW content making individual there is. Now I gotta write another book?!?

    Alex Norris To be fair it was kind-of an accident caused by Lulu not letting me sell the two pdfs in a bundle. In retrospect, though, it’s probably better this way.

  30. Stras Acimovic: I don’t really see how pointing out when content creators are short-changing themselves and massively underestimating the worth of their own stuff is “belittling people who release stuff for free.” It’s expressing my wish to be able to reward people what I consider a fair amount for work that they’ve done and which I’ve liked, and I’m not going to stop doing it.

    I am also quite happy to point out that people who don’t release their stuff CC aren’t cool, but no one’s done that for the moment and that wasn’t what Tim’s post was about.

    Also, hey, know what doesn’t help at all? This:

    Lets for a moment assume that these classes are quality (a number that folks have randomly brought to my tables were not – which sucks because folks shelled out cash for something they won’t get to use).

    Because all it’s doing is sniping away into the aether rather than promoting the kind of environment where people learn from each other’s design work (the same kind of environment which I am apparently attacking). 

    If you spot something wrong with a class, you should post your feedback somewhere the author can see! Otherwise no one gets a chance to correct their mistakes.

    Most of the SA people who’ve released stuff are on here (the Shaman is myself, Namer is Andri Erlingsson, Warlock is Brandon Schmelz but I don’t think the guy who did the Initiate is on here; Jacob Randolph did the Mage, Priest, Templar, Witch, Dashing Hero and Cultist/True Friend; and Mad Adric did the Spellslinger). If the feedback is about something from SA whose author isn’t here, you can just tag me and I’ll happily crosspost.

    (Also, no one’s got any beef with anyone; we’re having a conversation!)

    Johnstone Metzger: so yeah, if you don’t count the Artificer (which he only added a few moves to), Jacob’s got six base classes out for sale so far, with four more in the works. He makes me feel pretty inadequate. 🙁

    Tim Franzke: I’ll run through the doc and comment later today, once I’ve had a chance to wake up.

  31. I have a CC license on all of my work but I do not hand it out for free, that is what fans are for and if there are not any fans sharing I don’t see it as my responsibility to fix it.

  32. Tim Franzke: took me a bit more than a day but real life intervened. I’ll stay away from commenting on language/wording except when it impacts rules:

    Balefire of Rage: pretty good CC! My only two points of feedback:

    1) the “if the GM/other players deem it sufficient” bit is redundant. “When you dedicate yourself to the burning rage within you and make an appropriate sacrifice to it, etc.” is enough text – this automatically raises the question of what constitutes an appropriate sacrifice, which the table will then answer together.

    2) Ire Strike should probably require you to spend hold.

    Also, generally, it could probably do with an extra move just to be entry+3 like most other CCs – an easy pick is something like this:

    Depthless Anger

    When you cry out in fury and unleash your anger, you gain an additional hold, even on a miss.

    Emotional Catalyst: nice entry condition, I like it.

    Inspiring Aura needs to specify how long these auras last – just an extra line after the list of auras that says “These effects last as long as you maintain concentration” or something like that is fine.

    Lead By Example: like the principle, but the actual move is complex. I think it would work better if you rejiggered the move like so:

    Lead By Example

    Each of your auras has a particular move associated with it. When you perform that move while the corresponding aura is active, gain 1 hold for Inspiring Aura:

    – Aura of Courage: Defend the weak

    – Aura of Loyalty: Aid a friend

    – Aura of Kindness: Parley with someone who doesn’t already trust you

    – Aura of Hope: Defy Danger against fear

    Positive Vibrations: probably needs a bit on what sinking into deep peace means. Something like “on a hit, they sink into a feeling of deep peace and serenity, and will be disinclined to act aggressively.” 

    Also, I’d change your second choice to this:

    – The effect lasts for a few minutes after you leave their presnece

    And add a third choice:

    – They don’t think there was anything odd about the way they felt

    Still keeping it as choose 2/choose 1 though.

    Friendship is Magic is perfectly fine.

    Exilarchy of Cogs Battlefist: shouldn’t have the Close tag by default; instead, gaining the Close tag should be a possible benefit (this makes more sense in-fiction – by default it’s just a hand, but it’s capable of making itself into a weapon).

    Upgrading class damage is a bad idea – it messes with all sorts of things. Instead, I’d make that choice a simple +1 damage (this is functionally equivalent to getting a one step die size increase on average – e.g. d6 average is 3.5, d8 average is 4.5).

    Geomancer: another awesome entry condition. 

    Not entirely sure how I feel about this being a CC, since it essentially gets Cast a Spell with a limited roster of spells. On the other hand, I don’t see anything truly wrong with it.

    Geomantic Shaping: should be “your chosen domain” instead of “the.”

    Foresight By Earth: would do well to ditch the more common questions – “what happened here recently” and “what here is not what it appears to be” are covered by other moves elsewhere. I’d do something like this:

    Foresight By Earth: when you contemplate the energies of a geomantic domain through divination rituals, roll+Wis. On a 10+, ask the GM three questions. ON a 7-9, ask them one:

    – Where is it safest here?

    – If I had to make a stand here, where would be best?

    – What is the source of the greatest disturbance to the Land in this place?

    – Where is the closest place of power?

    – Where can I partake of nature’s bounty in this place?

    That last one will let you find an oasis in a desert, for example.

    Favourite Domain: “rituals in line with the energies of the domain” needs to be clarified. I am not hugely fond of a move that makes hunting for places of power obsolete.

    Domain Token is neat.

    The King and the Land Are One: what’s Take Guardian Form?

    I like the spells a lot. Quicksand should just say “sand,” so it can be used outside a desert. Heat Metal‘s last sentence is redundant, since the fiction is pretty clear on what happens when you heat up armour someone is wearing.

    If you’re going to list other possible domains, you should include rules for creating your own domain (“pick four spells from the above list that would make sense for that domain”).

  33. Just for clarification, did you miss one of the Balefire moves? There is one about burning blood, one about enraging and one to boost your allies. 

  34. Tim Franzke 

    Ghostwalker: Ghostwalk is great and far better than my own Spirit Walk move. Ghost Effect is neat, but unless you’re fighting ghosts 24/7 you’ll never really have enough ghost-hold to do much. I would suggest changing Absorb to giving you 2- or even 3-ghost.

    Ghost Without the Shell: why remove that option? Seems like it should be changed to “you can return to the material plane easily” instead.

    Unleash the Spectres: it’s powerful, but nicely flavourful.

    Giant Killer

    The Bigger They Come: the extra damage is superfluous – keep in mind that this is DW, so HP totals are always low and a giant’s primary defence is being impossible to hit in the first place. This move already lets you neglect that advantage!

    David and Goliath: auto-10+ is super boring. Change it to “when you use Called Shot against your favoured enemy’s head and miss, you may put yourself in danger to instead count the result as a 7-9” or something like that.

    Half-Orcs: Fighter, Ranger and Cleric are fine. Thief seems oddly specific, since orcs have never had a particular predilection for blunt weapons. Not hugely sure what to replace it with (I have Orc moves for all the corebook classes and the Orc Thief gets an additional poison).

    Karmic Shaper: see previous comment about 10+ – I’d change it to this:

    Make Your Own Luck

    When you invoke your luck on a move and roll a miss, you can count the result as a 7-9. If you do so, the GM holds +1 misfortune (up to 3). The GM can spend misfortune 1-for-1 to put you in a spot or simply make things go worse for you.

    Million to One Chance: I like the concept, but it auto-succeeds! Instead, it should let you roll anyway, but anything below a 10+ is a failure.

    Lucky Guess: neat.

    Maestro: what do you do with the coin surplus? Is it added to your personal amount of money?

    Home Party: see previous statement about auto-10+. Also, throwing a party at your own tavern still costs money, you’re just spending the business’ money instead of yours. Instead, consider just make it halve the coin costs for Carouse and take +1 to the roll.

    Runaskald: Rune of Casting seems a bit too good, since people will invariably use it on high-level spells. Instead, it should probably be “as long as the rune is active and the bearer has prepared that spell, they can prepare an additional two levels of spells.”

    Rune of the Berserker: burn it out to terrify an enemy, not just frighten them!

    Rune of Bane: I’d say deal max damage instead of +1d8.

    If you have Rune of Hiding, Rune of Infiltration could do with a name change – how about Rune of Treachery or something?

    Throw Them Bones seems a little out of place since it’s the only non-rune-based move but it works. This is easily solved by adding another move not using the rune spells.

    Soul Gambler:

    Soul Fragments: 1d8? Ouch. I’d maybe drop this to 1d6 – losing potentially half your HP (if you’re a low-HP class) is pretty harsh. A third seems more palatable.

    Kobold Alley Tournament: this needs to be a choice the player can make, and should probably specify how much time it takes. Disappearing for several hours every time you reach safety is pretty weird.

    Also, if you’re going to release this CC it definitely needs a few paragraphs explaining what the Kobold Alley Tournament is.

    A Bit of Death seems weird. How did you get a portion of Death’s soul? How did Death not stop you? Why isn’t Death trying to kill you to get it back? This seems like a major plot point rather than a move.

    I’d either get rid of it entirely, or else change it to a move along these lines:

    When you possess a fragment of someone else’s soul, be they mortal, god or monster, you can offer it up as Leverage for your Parleys with them before rolling. If they accept, you forfeit the soul fragment and succeed as if you had rolled a 10+.

    (The auto-10+ is acceptable here since it a 7-9 doesn’t make sense – the soul fragment is proof/payment.)

  35. Tim Franzke: yeah, I missed Burning Blood, but it turns out I don’t have anything to say about it as it’s just fine. Part three is coming up next. If I’ve not got anything to say about a move I just leave it out of the feedback most of the time, rather than going “this move is fine.”

  36. Tim Franzke 


    Take Guardian Form: why are you gaining preparation here, and what is the task that the preparation is for? What is the end condition for the guardian form?

    The guardian forms are all really powerful, and I don’t think they’re too great an idea. What this should probably do on a mechanical level is grant you one monster move relevant to your guardian form, but instead of spending hold the way the Druid would, you roll +Con to perform that move. On a 10+, the spirits will give you a task, and as long as you’re working towards that task take +1 to that monster move.

    The passive benefit doesn’t need explicit mechanics – if you ask for the acuity of the eagle and get eagle eyes as your guardian form enhancement, the fiction takes care of what that means.

    Also, learning forms doesn’t really work if you make that change – just let the player pick any form they like.

    Font of Life: completely ignoring a debility isn’t a very good idea. Instead, you should ignore the debility as long as you’re in your guardian form on a 10+. The 7-9 is okay.

    Root Strike: doesn’t really make sense – how does getting the claws of a panther or the jaws of a snapping turtle help me root someone in place?

    Druidic Teachings: not entirely convinced that giving MC moves as part of a CC is a good idea, but why not.

    Honestly, this seems more like 40% of a base class than a CC! You should spin it off into a full class – there’s conceptual space for something like the Incarnum totemist from 3.5 that this class partly fills.


    Bard: the using +Cha part doesn’t make sense, so just drop it. Also, Warforged aren’t networked robots in Eberron, but if these are just automatons from a different setting and they are networked, it works.

    Druid: yeah, warforged are supposed to not need to breathe, so that’s weird. It would work better as being completely immune to all poisons and natural diseases (hey, you’re partly made of magic wood, so presumably you can get tree diseases normally!).

    Wild One: I wouldn’t bother specifying what the “trappings of civilisation are,” not least because there’s probably a few people who would find the “without clothing” part weird (I do).

    A Better Understanding: not sure giving both one training and +1 to any stat is a good idea. I’d probably do one or the other.

    Beastly Guardian: see commentary on the Warden.

    Wizard of the Twisting Blade: the last thing Wizards need is the ability to perform yet another move using +Int, but this is sort of the entire point of the class. Honestly, I would ditch this move entirely and make Blade Magic the entry move.

    Blade Magic: neat idea.

    Shape the Dream: the connection between losing a spell and gaining hold to banish people doesn’t make sense at all to me. You should gain hold for something more appropriate, like being sent to another plane yourself or having spells cast on you or something.

    Arcane Duellist: see previous comments about increasing damage dice. +2 damage would be equivalent to the average of increasing die size twice, or else +1d4 damage would mean the Wizard deals 2-8 damage.

  37. Tim Franzke: alright, that answers the coins as surplus question. Comment on Home Party still holds.

    Barfight: prep doesn’t make sense, and what is it prep for? How does your victory impress or dismay your opponents, and which opponents are we talking about? Also, the word “damage” is missing from the “d6 damage’s worth of bruises and scrapes” line.

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