When you study with the pyromancers of the Temple of Night, and are tested by the fire (mark the debility scarred) you may take this move the next time you level up:

Consuming Flame

When you call upon a fire to obey you, roll+INT. On a 10+, it will follow your commands for up to five words, but as it feeds it also grows. On a 7-9, you still have your five words, but choose one consequence:

a. Ablaze: fueled by magic, this fire rages beyond even your five words.

b. Alarm: this fire attracts unwanted attention from far and wide.

c. Drained: mark a debility of your choice.

d. Enchanted: this fire becomes magical in nature.

Also, every word of your commands that does not describe the fire directly (such as burn, ember, or smoke) is consumed and this fire will not obey it again.



The Cleric of a god of Bloody Conquest can start with Consuming Flame instead of Turn Undead, but add: Petition: Fire.

The Fighter can start with Consuming Flame instead of Signature Weapon.

The Thief can start with Consuming Flame instead of Poisoner.

The Wizard can start with Consuming Flame instead of either Spell Defense or Ritual.


If you have the consuming flame, the following count as class moves and you may take them when you level up:

Burn Away Lies

When you speak words of power into a flame, you can touch someone with it and it will not burn them until they tell a lie.

Friend to Fire

For you, Earthly fire poses no physical threat at all, and there is always a chance for you to escape magic in fire’s form, by defying danger.

Seven Words

A fire will follow your commands for seven words, and you may save one of them to use on it again.

Summoned Flame

You can produce a handful of fire, out of nothing, whenever you want. If it does not leave your hand, you can also extinguish it at will.

Words of Fire

When you command a fire, on a 12+ your words are not consumed and you may command with them again.

15 thoughts on “Pyromancer”

  1. Aargh, formatting doesn’t work on my list! Say, does the five word limit look familiar to anyone? I’m pretty sure that’s not my original idea but I can’t for the life of me remember where I’ve seen it before…

  2. Eric Duncan Looks good but I will need to see the Warlock first to see.

    Johnstone Metzger I know that the Avatar game I was working on based on the initial seed that became Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, had a five word limit before you went to dice.

  3. To be clear, the initial seed was Daniel Solis ‘ not mine. He tweeted a thing about limited words and Avatar, he went his way and did Do, I went my way and came up with nothing I’d share publicly.

  4. Josh Mannon That rings a bell! Thanks! And he went with five, too, huh. I was originally going to go with seven (hence the extra move) but I figured that was too many, but three is too short to say “burn this whole place down.”

  5. Too Tsunami

    When you are about to die by water, you may sacrifice your command of fire to be saved. Make a pilgrimage to the Temple of Night and test yourself again to regain your powers over fire.

    (level 6-10)

  6. Why does the Fighter replace Signature Weapon? Signature Weapon is far more integral to the Fighter than Poisoner is to the Thief, or Spell Defence to the Wizard. If anything, it should replace Bend Bars, Lift Gates (actually, it should probably be free since the Fighter ought to have a fourth move, but at least this way it stays as a move replacement).

  7. I think it’s more saying “Your Signature Weapon is FIRE”, and that’s badass enough to justify it to me even if they are technically losing a more “core” move than the Thief or Wizard.

  8. Fire as the signature weapon is the justification, but it’s mostly because that move, by itself, is cosmetic. The Fighter doesn’t need a fourth move if he has 3 moves that do something. I’m not a big fan of BB, LG (obviously) but that’s for genre reasons and it’s the most powerful move in the game. As a GM though? Sure, Fighter can have all three and this one, fine with me.

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