Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! I come bring a new playbook for your eyes to read: The Witch! She casts spells, brews potions, and flies on a broom. If you’ve ever wanted to play a Harry Potter character in Dungeon World, here is your shot.

Full Version, for purchase: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/113399/The-Witch—A-Dungeon-World-Playbook

Playable Preview Edition: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?b1a55skq0dk9k1c

The preview version will let you play the class all the way up to level 9, although your Advance options will be limited. Give it a look!


6 thoughts on “Hello everyone!”

  1. i thought about it some more, does the witch really need black magic as a starting move? Is throwing energies really of vital importance to that character or could it just go with standard moves for combat? You could use the potions to make alchemic fire or related stuff if you want to make stuff like that. 

    Black magic is still fine on the character but i would put it as a move you can take later. 

    Can you explain why it is a starting move here?

  2. Sure. It’s a starting move because it gives the class something it can always do in combat, which it would otherwise be lacking with its d4 damage dice and 4+Constitution HP. I was strongly considering Witchcraft as a starting move instead, but Black Magic is more important for giving the class things to do than Witchcraft would be, since Witchcraft has some overlap with the potion brewing move in terms of open-ended usefulness.

  3. mmhhh. But Black Magic is even better then “cast a spell – magic missile” AND the witch can do something in combat using her Potions, can’t she?

    Just “so that the class can do something in combat” isn’t that good of a reason for me.  

  4. I mean you get flight at first level and can just volley from up there without any melee enemy ever being able to reach you. 

    Flying+black magic seems a bit of overkill to me personally. 

  5. Sure, but you only really get three potions per adventure. Downtime isn’t something you normally get a lot of as an adventurer, and the starting potions will probably get run through pretty quick, especially if you rely on them.

    Also, Volley has drawbacks built in to keep “shooting from up above” being too overpowering – you either spend ammo, deal practically no damage, or you have to fly somewhere you can get reached or into a tree. It isn’t any more powerful than any other archer, and she only has d4 damage. The Ranger is better at it by far.

    Also, if Black Magic was an Advance, then the Witch’s Craft elemental options would be a lot less interesting. They add a tag option to Black Magic specifically, which also gives me an elegant way to show what those tags do/mean for when they are listed elsewhere in the class. If Black Magic is changed to an advance, I lose that elegance, because the listed tag would be meaningless for the starting moves and that would be silly.

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