10 thoughts on “Shiny new website for the French DW ‘red box’, as they call it.”

  1. Well the material is there, the layout is there, the texts are certainly there. I’m sure Narrativiste would be OK to help – all it would take is somebody with time and a big garage…

  2. I seem to recall Sage/Adam mentioning the French translation got forked off from an earlier version of DW. I’m curious as to what the differences are.

  3. Courage… ma dernière carte postale envoyée d’Angleterre a mis presque un mois pour arriver (à dos de chameau) jusqu’à Nantes.

  4. La dernière fois que j’ai reçu un colissimo, c’était pour Noël et je ne l’ai eu que fin janvier. Heureusement la charcuterie et le saucisson ça se conserve =)

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