Alternative way to do a Comp Class

Alternative way to do a Comp Class

Alternative way to do a Comp Class 

In 3.5 there is a class that slowly turns you into a Drider like Monster. I wanted to combine this idea with the werespiders of oWoD Werewolf somehow. They had the creepy ability to turn into a swarm of spiders and survive that way. That got me thinking. 

Could this class give you a new last breath type move where every time you die on a 7-9 you get a new spider-like feature but also transform physically until you are no longer human/dwarf/elf/whatever. You only get new powers when you die and then they turn you into a monster.

Would that be okay to not charge you for extra moves?

Alternatively on a 10+ on the new last breath move you choose a new power/transformation, on a 7-9 the GM chooses.

Okay design space? 

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  1. I have messed with the Last Breath move for two of my CCs, replacing Death with two different gods. I also made the CC mandatory which has freaked players the hell out. The first move was free on death if they took the deal.

  2. What do you mean “not charge you” for extra moves? You get the move at the cost of horrific bodily transformation that will slowly but surely make you an exile from society in all places but Dis. And even then, maybe in parts of Dis too.

  3. Anyway, I know that, at least in the copy I used last, Mssr. Mannon’s Compendium Classes (In “Beyond The Devil’s Reach”) kicked off with a “free” move based on circumstance.

  4. Ahh, under Character Change, pg 28: “Descriptive [change] means that when the character changes in the fiction the player should change the character sheet to match.” The example displays this well. Further: “Descriptive changes only happen when the character has clearly gained access to an ability.” With your CC Last Breath Mutation move, you’re just specifying when a character changes sufficiently in the fiction. Totally legit.

  5. Consider a some alignments and bonds for the player or GM to change as well. Carnivore: drink the blood of the living. Arachnid: keep something alive to consume later. ________ would surely attract prey. _________ would never destroy my web.

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