Play by Community

Play by Community

Play by Community

Sooo, after thinking about for a bit i think one could run DW in a community fairly well and i want to try it. (i could GM but would be happy to play too)

Here is how i think it would work. 

You have a extra community for the game that is open for the public. Have extra discussion topics about the characters each. Players will describe their character and the GM can ask questions about them all at the same time. You of course have to read what other people are writing about their character. 

When real play starts every “room” of the dungeon or whatever is a own post. Player will mainly post when the GM addressess them, saying “what do you do”. If someone want’s to do something directly he will post so and will be adressed by the GM on the next best opportunity. (this can get a bit wobbly but it can work out i think). More then 3 players + GM would be to much i think. 

Have a sepperate discussion for the world where every detail that is revealed get’s archive.

Would anyone be interested in trying that? 

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  1. I think the key to PbP is to A) go in with expectations of a “leisurely” pace, at best, and B) Be prepared to say that the deathtrap dungeon just goes and kills the people who inevitably drop out and stop responding. (But send them a ping asking them what’s up, first, definitely!)

  2. PbP is not for everyone.  I see tabletop gaming as hobby-feasting every fortnight or so.  PbP is snacking on your hobby daily.  

    As for me, my tabletop options are too limited, so PbP is my only viable option.  Plus, I’ve come to enjoy the writing aspect of it.

  3. What I wonder: When we, during character reation, come up with something about the world, shoudl we put it in the “World” category? Or would it maybe be even better to create a google doc, that everyone of us could edit, and compile the known world information there?

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