Planarch heritage hard move help needed!  

Planarch heritage hard move help needed!  

Planarch heritage hard move help needed!  

In Ditchbiggin last night, our Bard and Wizard both sold all their heritages to a heritage infusion lab, melting themselves down into the mean form of all sentient life (which looks like a Stage 2 Invid pilot, thanks Kevin Siembieda!)  

After that, they spent all the money they got from their donations on bargain-basement infusions.  The Wizard got a dose of Pixie with a hint of Mushroom Folk.  She rolled a 4 on her “receive infusion” move (copied below) and now I have a week to think about what kind of pain will be brought down.  I told everyone I didn’t want to do any hard moves that weren’t fun, and the Wizard has pretty much given me carte blanche to do whatever I want, up to death (not interesting to me).  This is the one I’m not sure what to do with.

The Bard got shot up with a Black Pudding and an Eldritch Ant-Queen.  He rolled 10+ on the pudding infusion but 5- on the ant infusion.  I’ve got some clarity on this one, I think that the Bard will not receive any of the Ant-Queen’s moves or looks but will receive all of her baggage.  I think that maybe the deep races fought a genocidal war against the Eldritch Ants generations ago in some parish pre-Dis, and some terminators have been lying in wait for the Ant Queen to reawaken.

(the move in question)

When you receive a heritage infusion, you gain a heritage move appropriate to the donor. Then, roll -the number of “native” heritage moves you currently have. On a 7-9, choose two, on a 10+ choose three.

*  You may choose the heritage move you gain

*  You permanently gain the heritage move

*  You do not bodily transform to resemble the donor

*  Your future offspring will be viable

*  You are not haunted by anxious dreams of your new-but-alien heritage

11 thoughts on “Planarch heritage hard move help needed!  

  1. I’d be inclined to inflict wild and unpredictable hallucinations on the wizard. Turns out, those were Magic Mushroom Folk!

    And you know, Pixie magic probably doesn’t interact pleasantly with crazy mushroom trips.

  2. Tiny Dancer: Any time you hear music roll +Wis.

    10+ If you want, resist the urge to dance about frivolously.

    7-9 Choose one:

    * You laugh loudly and playfully while the music plays.

    * You shed all your restrictive garments while the music plays. They all feel restrictive.

    * You take a few moments to spin about in circles and make a few twirls.

    -6 Oh what fun! Nothing can contain your free spirit while these melodies surround you! All of your clothes are a burden. You’re feet carry you away and you can’t help but laugh at how much fun you’re having. You hope the music never stops…

  3. Man, the move in question tells you everything, right? Give them a heritage move of YOUR choice, it’s only temporary, they bodily transform, their kids aren’t viable (harsh), and they’re haunted by strange, anxious dreams of what they’ve been injected with. (What do eldritch ant-queens and mushroom-folk dream of? That is a hot question.)

  4. We’ve had a little interlude in the game due to travel and whatnot and the session we did play was focused on the Paladin and some slaves he rescued from a demon greenhouse.

    My plans are that the immediate effect of the Wizard’s infusion are complete failure.  Ordinarily I’d avoid “nothing happens” moves but she had previously donated all her native heritages and is now stuck without heritage moves in the Base Form of All Sentience, a vaguely bipedal lumpy clawed and pincered crustacean-like thing. I’m throwing Chris McNeilly’s awesome dancing move in on top of that because I think the Wizard player will like it.

    The Bard is not going to show any physical effects or heritage moves from the failed Eldritch Ant-Queen infusion, but she is going to be having some weird dreams and getting some weird spells (she has the arcane spellcasting move).  Plus, she is the heir to the terrifying Empire of Ants from aeons ago and sleeper assassins are now being activated all over Dis to find her.  Gonna let this one play out a bit.

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