First game was yesterday.

First game was yesterday.

First game was yesterday. I came with no prep at all and the players immediately started telling me how they were on their way back to the city after completing a quest for the King. They looked at me asking for something interested so I burned the city with their reward in it. A dragon was flying in circle over the city and when the players got within the walls they discovered knights with shields with a dragon symbol on it. “This is the Order of the Dragon Wing” said one of my player (I had no idea what she was talking about, but it was awesome). A Spout lore later we discovered this Order is ruled by long bloodline of Dragon tamers who can control Dragons by touching them. The whole game was fresh and exciting from a D&D and Pathfinder background. The flow was so natural and good. Usually in combat my players wait for their turn by reading stuff on their laptop or going out for a smoke but here, no time for that. Everyone liked it. Long live Dungeon World. My new favorite game.

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  1. to much power seperated from the character in my taste. It doesn’t really make you cooler but you are only cool because of your dragon. It’s a cool concept but hard to make work.Ā 

    I mean look at what the 16HP dragon can do…

  2. I don’t understand people’s obession for Compendium classes. Some elements in a game are meant to be for NPC only.Such as the ability to control dragons by looking at them or even Necromancy.

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