26 thoughts on “Any news when we europeans can order the rule book? :)”

  1. We’re trying to figure out if Amazon is the answer, but IPR should have them soon, and I think they do international.

    Sorry about all the delays, but shipping these out of my basement really isn’t tenable at the rate they’re going. We had to find a way to ship them that didn’t involve my time every day, and that’s been a longer process than we expected.

  2. Since you’re already selling the pdf via drivethrurpg, why not use their print-on-demand service? That would make ordering in europe really easy, since they print in the EC.

    Shipping from the USA or Canada, even if possible, is always very slow and can be rather pricey (because of customs).

    Also, there’s a german online store (http://www.sphaerenmeisters-spiele.de/) that sells a lot of small press/indie rpgs. Maybe they would be interested in distributing DW over here.

  3. We really don’t want to do POD if we can avoid it. The quality of the books will be notably lower. We’d rather continue to put more of our time into selling internationally, at lower margins (or even a loss), than give everyone outside of the US a second-class product.

    POD is, at this point, just not capable of making books of the same quality as what we currently have. Dungeon World uses full-bleed art and some really nice paper stock that just won’t translate well to POD. Unless we have no other way of getting books internationally, we’re not going to do POD.

  4. I can see your point, Sage LaTorra, but if I can’t buy the book because IPR does not ship international, I’ll have no other option than print the pdf and put it in a binder, which will be a crappier result than POD and, in the end, unsatisfactory. And FWIW, books printed by Lulu (for example) are of very good quality. I haven’t been disapointed so far, especially with black and white interior art. My 2 (euro)cents 😉

  5. Philip Espi hmm, I thought IPR did international. Well, we’ll find another way. I’d rather put more of my time, and take a cut on profit, than have another different version of the book. While Lulu can at least do full bleed (which we use all over DW) we also use a paper stock that, from what I can find, just isn’t available anywhere for POD. The books would be lower quality, and we don’t want to do that.

    Tell you what, if I don’t have an international distributor by the end of the week I’ll hand process international orders for everyone in this thread.

  6. I just checked with IPR. Their cheapest rate for shipping a book to Europe is $35, more than the price of the book. I guess I’ll have to find a few friends to place a bulk order, or else I’ll have to print the pdf.

  7. Philip Espi that’s about the size of it. When we shipped to Europe for the kickstarter at only $10 extra we regularly lost money, paying more for shipping than the amount of money the backer gave us.

  8. (I missed the KS by a day and was wondering if there were any surplus hardback copies? I would guess they are held back for conventions / prizes, but if you don’t ask…)

  9. Hi there

    Just seen that Leisure Games has the book up for sale from the 3rd April (can be ordered now) for UK folks (and EU if willing to pay the postage)

  10. Just in case anyone else is keeping an eye on this thread the hard covers appear to have all gone.  Soft covers look like they are still available

  11. Any news on international/european deliveries?

    IPR has the book in stock, but still asks $35 for delivery and Leisure Games ist out.

    What about Lulu? A lot of other AW hacks are available there, why not DW?

  12. Uwe Schumacher IPR is sending some books to Esedevium which covers the UK and should then at least ship at reasonable prices elsewhere in Europe. As I explained above, we can’t do POD without giving international folks a second-rate product, and we’re not going to do that. We went with such nice printing for the initial run that it just can’t be matched with POD.

  13. Uwe Schumacher I don’t think they do, but they distribute to many UK shops. I’ll see if there’s some way to find out who they distribute to, but if you check out UK hobby shops that ship to Europe they should at the very least be able to order it.

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