7 thoughts on “My first monster! I statted this up in 4e originally and it was always a favorite of mine.”

  1. If you reverse-engineer the normal dragon in DW, it’s actually a very small dragon by D&D/fantasy art standards. It’s the size of a cart, but not as big as a house. Plus, Dungeon World monsters that are undead have more HP.

  2. I’m not saying you are wrong, but how do you figure it’s cart-shaped, exactly?  Also, is your Crypt Worm a cart-sized monster?  I mean, is it an undead cart-sized dragon, or are you assuming it’s the undead version of an bigger dragon?

  3. I actually just let the builder figure the HP. It does seem very high and I would personally lower it. As an undead monstrosity, it does perhaps replicate the physical toughness while still being squishy to hits. I’d perhaps remove some armor and let it be a beefy mess. I also picture it as the size of a bus or larger, so definitely bigger than cart sized.

  4. Richard Robertson : The only way the dragon’s HP can be 16 is if it was built as “the size of a cart” as per the rules in the book. If it was any bigger than a cart, it would have a minimum of 20hp for a solitary monster.

  5. Hmmm, now that I look at the actual monster, it does have the Huge tag, so for some reason they reduced its hp from what it would have as a normally-built monster.

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