Hi there.

Hi there.

Hi there.

I’m working on running a DW campaign with my rpg group.

Since we play in German, I am currently working on a German translation of the most commonly used DW terms (moves, classes and so on).

Also, I would very much like to use a German-language character sheet. Since I am not very experienced in Graphic design, but have seen some wonderful sheets on the web, I just wanted to aks if anybody here could direct me to a link where I can download a sheet as a .wpd (or similar) file. That would make it much easier for me to produce a german-language sheet since I would only have to translate the terms without having to create a new sheet from scratch.

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  1. Thanks for the advice, Luca, but I am much more at ease using Word than Photoshop (I’m probably more of a writer than a graphic artist, I guess).

    But your sheets look really nice (and you even made one for the semi-official barbarian, bravo) and I would have loved using them.

  2. Hey +luca I was just looking for character’s sheets in italian, since some of my players feel uncomfortable with english language.

    You totally saved my day!

  3. Lenny Pacelli i’m happy to have been useful

    Uwe Schumacher using PS for this is not very difficult. You have only to copy-past the PDF, erase and rewrite all the english text in german. 

  4. Meine Spieler hatten kein Problem mit dem Englisch auf den Blättern. Und normalerweise ist dass dann “also willst du Hack&Slash nutzen ja?” in der Unterhaltung oder “Du Volleyst also?” wobei manche Sachen sich auch auf deutsch dann einschleifen (Apocalypse World Beispiel) dafür “müsstest du aber unter feuer handeln” “Ich geh aggro!”

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