2 thoughts on “Can you tell me about your experiences with the Divine Guidance move?”

  1. My Priest have “gaining secrets” as petition

    1) first time I used it I offered to my goddess the fact that someone did dark experiment in a abandoned house. The GM asked me what means offer a secrets. I tell him that I have to tell it to the inner circle of my church and I cant gain profit form the information, but other member of the sect can. He give me useful information. He tell me a metafor about heart and mind of an artifact. Later we found one of the pieces of the artifact, other members of the group wanted to leave, but I remembered them we still have to found the other part. We recover the full artifact.

    2) second time I offered the fact that the emperor is an impostor, I asked for the location of the prison of the rightful emperor, but my goddess instead bless my holy simbol and give me the power to read the mind so I can find it by myself and find more secrets for her.

  2. Yesterday I had my first experience as a GM, with a new group for a demo.

    The Cleric was a follower of “Ares, god of Bloody Conquest” and had Personal Victory has his way of petition.

    After the defeat of a fearsome monster in a cript he used Divine Guidance.

    I asked him: what do you ask of Ares?

    He answered: I want to know how to get to Vladimir, the necromancer (which is the target of the Paladin’s quest, and the reason they were nosing about in a cript)

    So I gave him guidance… he knew he had to go deeper, underground, below the crypt level.

    There was an obvious way to do so… a well at the center of the room they fought the monster (that the Ranger ws already using as an excape route 😛 ).

    Also, I didn’t knew WHERE the necromancer had its dwelling, so I used the Cleric’s success as an excuse to fix that position, and have it be relatively near and accessible (yeah, an underground nightmare, truly a piece of cake 😛 ) instead of requiring a whole new journey to somewhere else.

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