A new compendium class I have made for one of my players.

A new compendium class I have made for one of my players.

A new compendium class I have made for one of my players. 

Is a class about a huge dark power that allows you to turn into a dark form of deep evilness. But, if you are strongh enough, you can control all this power. Of course, not without paying a price.  

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  1. Oh, yes, it’s true. I forgot you can change your alignment in every moment. Thanks for letting me know. 

    The class is still unproven. In this day i have to run a session with my group. If the Thief takes Dark Form I tell you how it works. ^_^

  2. What i want to do  with the thing i am working on is much more a price for a power. everytime you use your “dark powers” the sponsor also get’s hold on your that he can spend to make you do evil stuff in some way. I still haven’t really figured out how to do that in a fun way. 

  3. Tim Franzke  i have made a magic object, an evil eyepatch with the power to protect from physical damage. You can nullify any damage inflict to you, but for any damage canceled the eyepatch order you in the brain to make something evil (the eyepatch tells you what). If you don’t do it, you defy danger against the eyepatch. On a miss, the eyepatch inflict on you the last damage die it has canceled. 

    I don’t know if you wanted something like this. The Cursed One works in a different way. The curse is like a parasite that consumes its host, but give him the power to make something incredible. More power acquires the curse and more you are corrupt. Maximum Corruption moves ask you to choose one drawback.

    This drawback works in a way similar to that you want: “Until Dark Form is on, you are an engine of destruction . The GM tell you what he want you to destroy or hurt. If you refuse, resist the temptation but suffer 1d6 damage that ignore armor. If you follow the will of the curse you don’t take damage.” 

    More chaotic that evil, but is very similar. 

  4. I finally saw the Cursed One at work. It seems to work well. The player has activated dark form three times, getting a 10 +, a 7-9 and a 6 -. The choice of the moves proved to be very useful in many cases, but not so useful to prevent him from dying. In any case, the transformation has made a difference.

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