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  1. Steve Pettifer I ran three (different) DW games at Conception in January. Character gen took longer than I expected – about 45 mins including settling down time at the start.

    I prepped a lot more thoroughly than I would for a longer game at my club just because I felt a con slot needed to be a bit tighter (I’m happy to improvise usually but sometimes need a while to find out just where heading!) At the half way stage of the first two games I threw out about half of the dungeon and then most of what was left in the last 45 mins. People were too busy having fun with the consequences of moves – both mine and theirs.

    My advice would be prep as much or as little as you feel comfortable with but be prepared to throw all of it out and go where the game takes you.

    On the practical front, I had half a dozen move sheets printed and laminated as well as a couple of equipment lists (play books too of course.)

    Have fun! Wish I was going to the Expo. 

  2. I went to Conception a few years ago, a great convention, loved it.

    I am trying to mitigate the character creation time by providing ready made play books with move sheets.

    Definitely with you on the preparation and being prepared to jettison in service to the fiction, I will need a base plot to move back to if needed.

    Thanks for sharing. 

  3. Hi Steve, although I can’t offer any advice, I would like to offer some encouragement and as I live locally express an interest in giving Dungeon World a go at the Expo this year.

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