15 thoughts on “As a big fan of Dark Sun I´d like to convert the setting to dungeon world.”

  1. I don’t know about Psionics, but there were 2 really awesome Gladiator classes posted to this group that I would use if I were you. Look at my good friend Christopher Grau ‘s version for a very concise version.

  2. that sounds good and for the psionic I would like to have a few but distinctive powers similar to the wizard at the beginning. Instead of rituals I really don´t know what to think of at the moment… something very special 🙂 I was never really satisfied with psionics in D&D. too similar to wizards.

  3. Also rethinking 4e psionics – the psion did telekinetics (and I totally love telekinetics), reading/influencing minds and created ectoplasma construct.

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