There have been people scalping Dungeon World books.

There have been people scalping Dungeon World books.

There have been people scalping Dungeon World books. If you want a book, buy it from the source. Drops on Amazon on the 26th (no shipping outside US, though).

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  1. Kirby Bridges  “the 26th (no shipping outside US, though).”

    That’s not helpful to a lot of people. If someone wants to buy a book off ebay so be it.

    I sure would have liked to get those scout books, if someone puts them up on ebay I might throw my money at it.

  2. Kirby Bridges Sure options are good and I’m all for supporting Adam and Sage.

    If these scalpers were selling bunk or stolen merchandise well that would be terrible, but as it stands they actually supported Adam and Sage before it was cool.

    And even the kickstarter overcharged non-merchants. Person HC = $65 each (yeah there was a shirt too). Merchant HC = $25 each (who then turned around and sold them for minimum $40 a pop.)

    The next time Noble Knight Games gets their hands on a hardcover it’ll be over $100 I’m sure.

    It’s sadly just business, some people backed a project and now their investment is paying off. Good for them. No one is forcing anyone to buy off of ebay. I’m just hoping my FLGS can order the book soon.

  3. Look Joshua Cupp  I’m just calling a spade a spade. It’s scalping no matter what kind of mental gymnastics we do. If people want to go through a third party to get their stuff when they could get it first hand through the creators, great, that’s their prerogative. They should know that there IS an option to get it from the creators though, which is why I’m pointing it out.

    I backed the Kickstarter “before it was cool,” too, but I’m not on here selling hardcovers on the community page.

  4. We’re all for as many people having the book and playing it as possible, and will continue to expand our retail options. People own their books and are welcome to do whatever they like with them. It’s your book!

  5. 😉 It’s not scalping if it’s sanctioned.

    Really, it’s exactly what a FLGS does, except instead of spending loads on having a storefront you just sell on eBay. 

  6. Yeah, I agree everybody should get the books and play, I just personally feel that marking up the book (like the one that went for $200 on eBay) is pretty shady.

    I personally would want to buy from a source such as the designers, FLGS, or other retailer, so I was just relaying the link for others like me.

  7. How exactly is selling your book on ebay Scalping? It’s not like there was some condition on backing the kickstarter that you couldn’t re-sell your books. Plus the people doing this are offering exclusive backer rewards you can’t get anywhere else. I don’t see any problem with this.

  8. I think that it totally is scalping. That money does not go to Sage and Adam. I’m pretty bummed I won’t be able to get those rad ass scout books, but that’s a privilege of getting in on the kickstarter. I wish I could buy them from Sage and Adam, that would sit with me as more moral. Regardless, I’m probably a bad example in that I have bought AW 3 times and already have purchased 2 DWs. I do these things gladly because I feel good content deserves money.

    Just my $0.02. Thanks for the heads up Kirby.

  9. Adam McConnaughey

     I guess only if there is a demand for it? So if you sell a copy of a 4e player’s guide for a lot less than you paid for it then that is not scalping, but if other adults make a conscious decision to give you more than your starting bid and then the last bid is more than you original paid then you are scalping…I guess.

    I remember when scalping was a big event like the band Winger coming in concert 🙂 and then people would maliciously buy up all the tickets to then resell them at ridiculous prices.

    Now scalping is supporting a nonexistent product and then when that non existent product becomes a reality selling it where the buyer decides how much they are going to pay?

    I bet all those people that were going to scalp Dwimmermount or any of the other dozens of failed kickstarters are pretty disappointed right now.

  10. Matt Capizzi but Sage and Adam got their money for this already, you think they should be paid twice? When I re-sell any item I bought the publisher/artist/poducer doesn’t get a 2nd cut. Why should this be any different?

    Profiteering maybe, scalping, no.

  11. Kirby Bridges

     It’s not really price gouging if the “buyer” is setting the price. Once someone outbids someone else it is no longer the price set buy the merchant. It is self-inflicted.

    Is it a higher price than most would pay? Certainly.

    But so is a lot of geeky stuff on ebay. I wouldn’t mind a copy of Warhammer Quest, but it is always worth a lot more to someone else than it is to me. I’m being outbid, not price gouged by another bidder.

  12. As someone who has engaged in far too many hobbies which involve some level of scarcity, I’m very familiar with these arguments. In the world of collectible toys, the scalpers always justified their actions by declaring that buying up all the hard-to-find items and reselling them at a huge markup was actually doing us all a favor. It was b.s. then and it still is.

    That said, I will grant that there’s one fundamental difference here. Participation in the Kickstarter wasn’t limited; if you knew about it and had the money, you could buy a copy. These people are definitely profiteering, but at least they didn’t remove copies from an already scarce supply to do so. 

    It’s still skeevy.

  13. :/ 

    I bought the PDF through DriveThru RPG and my FLGS has a copy being transferred from another store so I can get my hard copy as well but I have a friend who lives in Alabama who has played D&D with us before. He looked into DW after seeing how excited I was about it and thinks it’s a perfect system for him to try out as a new GM with new players. I was hoping to buy him a copy! Any update on when Amazon might be selling it again would be greatly appreciated! (Or any links to other reliable retailers in the US with decent shipping!) 

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