So far, I’m really liking Dungeon World.

So far, I’m really liking Dungeon World.

So far, I’m really liking Dungeon World… but I first checked DW out due to confusing it with 13th Age. The latter got some really glowing reviews on ENWorld, I’m easily confused, and somehow, here I am! Has anyone tried both systems, and have any opinions on their relative strengths and weaknesses? I think I’ll end up trying 13A at some point, but might not need to if DW generally has everything covered in the post-D&D lightweight category.

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  1. Cool! What’s your favorite thing about each one? I know my favorite thing about DW is that the DM doesn’t have to roll anything, he just creates problems!

  2. In DW I like the Storyteller approach and as a fan of D&D 4e, I like Heinsoo’s ideas and the rule lightness of 13th age. Actually I was supporting 13th age and in drivethroughrpg I stumbled over DW.

    I liked the reviews so I thought I’ll try it out.

    Now I’m in a kind of dilemma because my players don’t like changing systems all the time 🙂

    I’m afraid they will like DW so much that we won’t play 13th age anymore 😛

  3. Actually, I rather like the idea of having bonds to the Icons in 13th Age.  Could be a great way to run a “pre-built with lots of blanks” world setting.  Couple that with a session of Microscope…  hmm… 

  4. I’ve played lots of DW and only once with 13A.  I loved the “maneuvers” in 13A.  I played a fighter, and every die roll would trigger 2 to 5 maneuvers (including misses) that would effect the flow of battle.  The Escalation Die meant that no battle lasted more than six rounds during the game I playes.

    13A is what 5th Edition should be, a wonderful blend of 4th and 3rd edtions with some awesome new rules on top.  DW looks a lot like DnD on the surface, but is mechanically a big departure from the rules as written for DnD (“fiction first”).

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