I had to share this!

I had to share this!

I had to share this!

It’s one of the (many, rather) classes I’ve been working on, and I really do like it.

It’s meant to be an aggressive warrior with some distinction from the fighter. It’s also meant to be closer to the “combat-y” barbarian than the official one (which I like, anyway).

Figured I’d throw it out here and see what’s good.

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  1. Just the virility and party-animal flare of it: all the carousing moves, the broke and happy move, the option to begin play with a keg of dwarven stout.  This character clearly likes to hit the sheets. 

  2. I am not sure about the human and orc racial move.

    The human one is fidly (also what happens if you choose 1 and roll 1,1 – you still do 2 damage even though you missed?)

    And the Orc one – racial moves normaly don’t give out “moves” per se but modify other things. 

    Do you really get a d12 damage dice with this class? 

    I am not sure how Frothing is supposed to work. 

    Reckless is kind of cool but can go wrong in both directions easily (GM ignoring it or you getting to much XP)

    Broke & Happy is kind of broke i think -cost-value ratio isn’t that great. Maybe treat that as getting 3 preperation for the Bolster move…

    Heavy Swing gives you d12 class damage with your fists ALL THE TIME – maybe okay, maybe not

    At least he can’t pick up Signature Weapon too

  3. You don’t need armor, warbeast. You don’t need weapons

    The no weapons part is included in the class (but you still would be better of maybe with a magic weapon, especially if it is forceful and messy) 

    You could pick up the unarmored armor move from the barbarian but other then that there is no motivation for a Warbeast to not wear armor. Just something to think about. 

  4. Tim Franzke 

    Human Racial: I was viewing it as, if you miss, you still do the bonus damage. I agree that it may be very rare to get the +2, but getting the +1 should be relatively common (though I’ve not done the math).

    Orc Racial: I might change this? I get what you’re saying about racials not normally giving moves, but I like this. I think. I’ll think it over. 🙂

    Damage: The damage die is d8-d12. Most likely d10. But messy or forceful weapons are pretty rare (none except the ones I’ve added here, I think) and I don’t think any weapon is both. So, the player would need to find/make a custom weapon, probably a quest in itself, to get that damage.

    Frothing: When you take your last breath during a battle, normally you’d roll+nothing, right? Well, with this you roll+con. Also, even when you pass on a last breath, you’re at 0 but stable. On a 12+, you recover some and go on fighting.

  5. Reckless: The other players can trigger it too, which is fun. If you’re worried about too much XP (I’m not, much, until I see it in play), you can cap it to 1/session (like alignment) or otherwise limit it.

    Broke & Happy: Money comes and money goes. I’ll add 1-prep, though, since I just plain like the Bolster move and it gets forgotten sometimes.

    Heavy Swing: This has been revised to offer one or the other tag, and a 6+ advancement has been added that adds both.

    Description: The description is the most fluid part and might change. Anyhow, it’s more the point that the character doesn’t need them, but they could be nice. They don’t start with armor and can’t wear heavy armor. Maybe armor and weapons are nice for them, but the idea is that even without these things, they’re pretty badass.

    Regarding non-armor, though, I’m probably going to add an advancement.

    Thank you! 😀

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