2 thoughts on “Thought I’d share these Character Portraits I made after our first session.”

  1. He seems to be everyone’s favourite (maybe it’s the 16 Charisma?). His back story is that he was raised by trout in the River Delta and thinks he can talk to fish. He was a once famous Bard across the realm, penning many famous tunes/poems/chronicles. Then the Thief Character, Cpt Hobun, was employed to steal the Bards Heirloom – A magical Plectrum that gave the user awesome stringed instrument ability (this all came out during the bond writing) . Since losing the Plectrum (the true source of his genius) he now wonders the land as a penniless Bard, trading rhyme for Pipeleaf (he’s got a bit of an addiction problem) – but nobody cares for his new material and want him to play the old stuff (which he can’t without the magic plectrum). Definitely the Comic Relief for the group.

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