So last night’s DW game with the Encounters group…

So last night’s DW game with the Encounters group…

So last night’s DW game with the Encounters group…

The player are still in a new dimension, which is completely underground and is a network of caves. After stopping an insane elf from putting his mind into some bloodstone (the veins of their world) and corrupting a gem called a Worldseed, the characters were hired by the local magmin to escort some diplomats to the elven part of the caves.

That was last week. In the meantime, I had to figure out why I had the elf they fought have such a hateful reaction to the bard’s music.

So it turns out that elven society in this world is based heavily around conformity. They despise things like art and music because they believe that things are what you call them, and what you call them is what you are. Art is effectively lying about what things are, or attempting to make something into something else.

When they arrive at the elven city of “City”, they discover that it’s laid out as a perfect grid. Every building is effectively a box, some taking up more than one “square”, but for the most part it looks like living in a bar graph. Everything is grey and uniform; elven society is based around the idea that everyone in that society has a specific task or job, and trying to expand or interpreting it is shaking the very foundations of their society. Even the names are dull and impersonal; the two elven representatives they met were named “Twelfth Speaker” and “Thirteenth Speaker”, and they were assigned (married) to each other.

It also turns out that the person the PCs were looking for, Seven Tome, is part of an elven movement called “The Expressionists”, who are trying to shift elven culture to ideas of self-expression. They commit crimes like wearing jewelry, or colors. Oh, and terrorist attacks. They’re still new at this.

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