Emotional Catalyst Compendium Class

Emotional Catalyst Compendium Class

Emotional Catalyst Compendium Class

When you have been trained by an Empath, forged a blood bond with your allies and then spend the rest of the night, savouring the positive memories you had with them 

Part 2 of my Dungeon World Psionic-Stuff

also inspired by the 4e Ardent but this time more positive 

I actually wanted to make a positive mirror of the Balefire of Rage, mechanic wise. That didn’t work out so i went a bit deeper. The core mechanics are really similar BUT it should feel different in play. 

As always i am happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. 

4 thoughts on “Emotional Catalyst Compendium Class”

  1. I like it! I almost feel this is a class that should have some mechanics that interact with Bonds, though. Like, maybe you could… use psionic -style powers but instead of risking spell slots you risk bonds? Bonuses for resolving bonds, bonuses for taking new bonds, etc? That might actually be best as a new compendium class, I don’t know.

  2. Thanks Ben Wray 

    For Friendship is Magic i was thinking als alternative for the move now, that you could help by just infusing them with emotion (not doing anything physically) by spending a hold. 

    This would keep bonds more in it…

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